Goma has been diagnosed with Megacolon few years ago “Megacolon” means large colon. It’s a condition in which too much waste accumulates and causes the bowel to enlarge well beyond its normal diameter and it gets stuck inside. Thankfully with a lot of trial and error, his condition is under control. This page is also good resource for those who have constipated cats as well. Here are some tips and tricks I learned over the years.

Disclaimer: I am not a Vet, all the resources listed below works for Goma but may not for your cat. Make sure to consult with your vet.

1. First and most importantly... Give wet food instead of dry. Water is a key to manage your cat's Megacolon. More water the better. I give a 3oz can mixed with 3oz of water. That way Goma will get water even he doesn't like to drink from water bowl. If your cat does not like water down version of can food, try sprinkle their favorite treats that will make they forget that we added water. For Goma I sprinkle little bit of Bonito Flake. Is your cat doesn't like wet food? don't worry I have great tips for you! Please read my special article How to transition cat to dry food to wet food.

I would say even Fancy Feast wet food is better than dry food when it comes to Megacolon cats. If you can try feeding your cat with grain-free high quality human grade cat food. I feed Goma 3 kinds of wet food. Newman's Own Organics Organic Beef and Liver for Cats, 3-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24) and Fussie Cat Premium Tuna with Chicken Canned Cat Food - 24 - 2.82-oz. Cansand AvoDerm Natural Entree Tuna and Crab in Gravy for Cats, 5-Ounce Cans, Case of 24.

Another tip will be investing in water fountains. It helps cats drink more water because water movement increases cat's natural instinct to drink more water. A good water fountain system can be expensive, but I found this Drinkwell by Petsafe Hydrate Water Filtration System for Cats with this, you can turn any water bowl in to a filtered water fountain. And it is very affordable to do this. When you buy this, make sure to get filters as well so you don't have to go back and buy them.

Do you want to know if your cat is dehydrated or not? Try grabbing cat's skin from cat's back with one hand. If you can't then most likely cat is dehydrated.

Last Resort...If your cat refuse to eat wet food and drink water. Try administering Sub-Q fluid. These are balanced fluids in an I.V. bag (Lactated Ringers Solution, etc.) and administered by inserting a needle under the cat’s skin in varying dosages.  It is definitely scary at first, but life-saving for kitties who refuse to drink water and therefore dehydrated. You can purchase Sub-Q fluid, needle and adminitering kit online.   Here are more detailed information and instruction:
Way to make giving subcutaneous fluids easier.
Giving subcutaneous fluids to a cat byWashington University.

2. Medichine
MiraLax—Goma takes 1table spoon a day now(used to be 2). Miralax has been a life saver for Goma and seems like this is new approach that is growing popularity among Megacolon owners. If you ask your Vet they might not know it but I swear this works. Give half table spoon to begin, and increase until you see the results.

Lactulose—This is a common medicine that Vets recommends. It is good but it has some side effects. I only give latulose as needed.

Cisapride— This will be the same above.

When you give medicine such as Miralax, Lactrose, you need to give a lot of water with it. They don't work if cats are dehydrated and doesn't have a sufficient water in it's system. If your cat doesn't like drinking water than you need to give water as you give other meds. Unfortunately, you need to force cat to drink water like medicine...but those medicine won't work unless you give water with it.

FiberDo not feed any Fiber medications such as Metamucil and Psyllium fiber etc... I learn that it will bulk up the feces and makes it easy to get stuck in the colon!! I learn this in hard way, I was feeding Goma Psyllium fiber powder, but it really didn't help him at all, it made it worse. So please NO FIBER MEDS on Megacolon cats!

Raw Food Diet—We hear Raw foods are great for our pet's overall health, but not for Megacolon cats. Raw food tends to make the feces really hard and dr.y. A lot of time food maker will grind bones with it which will bulk up the poop...not good for Megacolon cats.

3. Organic Coconut Oil(Cold Pressed)— 1 table spoon per day. This helps with Goma's digestion and also hairball. Coconut oil has been noted for many healthy benefits for humans and it is great natural way to help ease their condition. Since Goma started to take coconut oil, I now can reduce Miralax to 1 table spoon per day! You can buy this at any health store but make sure it is organic and cold pressed. Nothing but best for our kitties!

4. Massage—Do you know you can actually feel your cat's feces from their abdomen? Yes you can. Now I can feel his abdomen and know if he is blocked or not. Every morning and night I check to see. This has been a life saver for me because I don't have to always guess if he is blocked or not. Also be able to feel his feces help me to adjust his medicine for that day. For example, If I feel hard feces building up, I will give Lactulose and Cisapride before it gets so big and hard that it won't come out. For step by step instruction please go to A Success In Controling Magacolon In Cat, Naturally post I did a while ago.

I will update this page as I discover something new that helps Goma's Megacolon. So check back often!

Updated Dec.13th 2013.


IndyRose said...

Excellent post! I shared the idea of the massage with our vet and he was pleased and saw no problem. If something that simple helps he was for it.



Timmy Tomcat said...

Just found your site and my elder does not have megacolon but does get a bit tight

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