For companies who are looking to host a giveaway or product review: 

My blog do not accept paid review and ads. This is my commitment to keep this blog non biased and honest. So that readers can trust my honest opinion on what I recommend. I have refused a payment($700) from a big pet food company before because I did not like their food. 

You can still send us products to us, however it is not guarantee that we will review nor endorse them. I only review and recommend a product if we LOVE them. That being said, if we love your product we are behind you 100% and spread the word like krazy. I will be your ambassador for life. 

For Goma blog readers:

I guarantee that product I review and post on this blog are things that I absolutely love and did not get paid to say it. You can trust my opinion because I do not accept money from sponsors. This is my commitment to you to keep this blog non biased and provide the best and honest opinion about a product.

Christmas Giveaway Nipsy Nip™ Organic Catnip Pickle Toy+More

Posted on 12.13.2011 Giveaway ebds on 12.23.2011

 Maneki Neko — Japan Souvenir Giveaway

Posted on 11.04.2011 Giveaway ebds on 11.11.2011

Tipsy Nip™ Catnip Pickles Giveaway!

Posted on 07.29.2011
Giveaway ebds on 08.12.2011

Petstage Cat Toys Giveaway
Posted on 07.26.2011
Giveaway ends on 08.05.2011

Pet Naturals Of Vermont Giveaway
Posted on 02.03.2011
Giveaway ends 02.11. 2011

Goma Bumper Sticker Giveaway

Posted on 02.07.2011
Giveaway ends 02.14. 2011

Pet Naturals Of Vermont Giveaway

Posted on 01.07.2011
Giveaway ends 01.14. 2011

I Love Fluff — Cat Lover's Must Have Sticker Giveaway!
Happy New Year!

Posted on 01.03.2011
Giveaway ends 01.10. 2011

Goma Holiday Giveaway - Part 3
pEi Pod!

Posted on 12.16.2010
Giveaway ends 12.23 2010

Goma Holiday Giveaway- Part 2.
6 mo supply of WBCL Litter!

Posted on 12.08.2010
Giveaway ends 12.17 2010

Goma Holiday Giveaway part 1.
Hepper pod!

Posted on 12.02.2010
Giveaway ENDED.

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