First Time Ever Lion Cut

This is first time ever giving Goma a lion cut! I adore his hair and didn't want to cut it all off but matting was so bad so I had to. Please don't get mad everyone for doing such a bad job cutting Goma's hair. I can assure you this is work in progress. I've been trimming Goma's hair little by little last 4 days because he can only take few minutes of clippers. At one point he was half done, and looked so bad...I wanted to show you guys but it was just so embarrassing that I didn't post it! Of course Goma is super mad at me and he hides when he sees me now. He even refuse to get treast from me!! I don't know how he ever forgives me but I have to keep trimming his fur. I am hoping once all done, he will feel better and he will forgive me. What do you guys think?

Do you wonder why I don't take Goma to groomers? Here is a reason why.
5 Warning Signs Of A Bad Cat Groomer


Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

Why didn't you have a groomer do it? Then Goma could hate the groomer instead of you! ;-)

Deb said...

I think that is in fashion right now. Lots of my kitty-clients are sporting that look. I think he looks adorable and I just know he feels better. Deb

Brown Family said...

Goma, you are still a handsome mancat! We love you no matter what.

jmuhj said...

We agree with you 100%, Goma-chan, but we are SO SO GLAD your mom does not use groomers. They are awful!!! And we thank your mom for posting as to why she will never go to one again. If people all knew about this, it would be a much better world! The Maine Coon man in our family gets matted around his flanks, too; our mom uses the Furminator, and it's an ongoing process, too ;(

Darren Daiboa said...

Nice coat of fur on your Himalayan. Beautiful cat. Wonder though if it's willing to do the "human pose thing."

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