Caption This!

too many kisses
I've asked my friends over at Friends of Goma Facebook page to caption this photo! and I've got so many good captions from it! I wan to share some of my picks!

Sandra Gaultois I think Goma's aim was off and he was saying "shoulda had a V8" lol
Alex Arcane Nordby "The power of fluff compels you!"
Keem Doe Goma: This is my nose now. I put my paw in it.
Pamela Cummings "Too many kisses!"
Shawna Nansel Back off buddy. I'm giving you the straight arm because you're in my space bubble!
Sakura Hashimoto Let's see if you like being booped on the interwebz human!

we have so much fun over at Friends of Goma page! If you haven't check us out please do!!    


jmuhj said...

Those are some great comments for a PRICELESS pic ;) <3

Angel Keisha said...

Hee hee! :)

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