Top 3 Human Toys Cat Love For Spring

Are you tired of buying same boring cat toys every time? Well try human toys! Your cat will thank you to think outside of box and you will have fun too!! Here are my top 3 picks for this Spring! Let's get pawty started!

1.Animated Hummingbird Purple Iris from GemmyWatch your cats go nuts as this beautiful hummingbird moves with true-to-life movement. It flitters around and feeds from the flower with motion so real you'll have to look twice! 4 AA batteries included. I recommend leaving plastic cover that comes with this toy so that your cat won't destroy the bird in few minutes.

2. Fincredibles Animated Fish BowlSwims around just like a real fish - except this one doesn't ever need to be fed! If you think your cats love fish but you don't want a hustle of taking care of fish? This is perfect toy for you and your cats! Tap the top and the fishy "swims" around - looking quite alive. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included).


3.Wild Bird Window Feeder - Clear Acrylic w/ Mirror Back—Do your cats love watching birds outside? This bird feeder provide close entertainment for your cats everyday! This comes with one-way mirror so birds won't notice your cats sneaking around them! Attaches to Window w/ Suction Cups for Close-up Birdwatching.
Feeder is 6 1/2 inches tall and 11 inches wide. Fill the two tube towers with different seeds to attract a variety of birds. Each tower holds 2 cups of bird seed so you can fill the feeder less often.
One way mirror let's your cat get really close to the birds!!


Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

These all look really awesome!

Benny Johans said...

I am sure cats will really really go nuts with the flower and the pot where hummingbird moves. Cats can't really stand anything that moves around them! Would love to watch.
Benny Johans

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