Turn Any Water Bowl To Filtered Fountain Affordably //REVIEW//

I did this post Turn Any Water Bowl To Filtered Fountain a while ago, because I was hunting for a best cat product deal on internet for Black Friday. Since Amazon had such a great deal on those, I bought it. Today I am going to tell you my experience with this product Drinkwell by Petsafe Hydrate Water Filtration System for Cats.

If you are looking for a good filtered fountain system, you will know that those can be pricey. But with Drinkwell Hydrate system, you can turn an existing water bowl in to filtered fountain pretty affordably! The unit costs $10 in Amazon right now and filter is $6. Total of $16 you can have a filtered fountain!! Now anyone can afford filtered water fountain don't you think?

When you buy this product make sure to buy couple of filters as well. The manual says to change Drinkwell Hy-Drate Filter every 2-3 weeks.
You can adjust the water height to make it more fountain like or you can submerge the whole unit to just have little movements on the water. Goma prefer little movement so I submerged it in to water. The picture shown is more fountain like setting with nice stream sound. Filter is working, water looks crystal clear even few days without changing the water!
So what Goma thinks?? Well he immediately show great interest in water bowl and its movement, and started to drink!! Now I tested this unit for 2 weeks, and Goma definitely drinking more water, and more healthy and clean water which is God sent for me since Goma needs to drink more water due to his condition called Megacolon.

* Drinkwell
did not pay me for this post!


jmuhj said...

Some people have actually said their cats don't show interest in having filtered fountain water, but in our family, they drink a LOT more water with a Drinkwell. Hoping everyone will get one of these for their cats' enjoyment and good health!

liverpoolgirl4711 said...

Just looked for it on Amazon UK and they are really expensive. Seemed like such a good idea too :(

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