Feline Magacolon Page Is Here!

I just added a new page called "Megacolon" on top menu. Since I have a many questions about this topic, I decided to put together helpful resources for Megacolon. Especially what I feed for Goma. Megacolon can be devastating for any cat owners and sometimes even Vet suggest to put the cat down. I would say wait!! There is a hope and Megacolon is totally manageable if you can figure out the right meds and massage techniques!! This information is also great for constipated kitties as well!! Be sure to check out new page Magacolon!

2014 Goma Calendar pre-order closes at Thanks giving day 27th. Since I only order numbers of calendar that pre-ordered, I will only have few extra after pre-order. Please don't miss out!
Goma 2014 calendar

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Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

This is a nice resource! Binga has a tendency to get constipated, and while she is doing fine now (she gets lactulose every day), it's good to keep these other suggestions in mind.

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