Goma 2014 Calendar Is Here

We have been making Goma calendar for 3 years now! Now I think we have a best one yet!! Yes! Goma blog 2014 calendar is here! If you ordered it before or you are a new, I am sure you would love it! All new photos with new design and famous cat quotes in every page! We are taking pre-order now! The calendar will ship before Christmas so you can also give this as a gift. Below images are some sample pages inside of the calendar. Every year, this calendar always sell out because I only order the number of calendar that are pre-ordered to keep the cost down. Don't miss out pre-order 2014 Calendar now!

Here are some sweet testimonial of calendar...

"Thanks Sachie! It's a big deal in my house on the first day of the month, my fiancé and I both rush to the calendar and make a big fuss about turning the month to see what Goma's doing next >_< It's kind of silly, but it's fun. What a cute calendar!" —Kaitlin

"My Goma calendars just arrived and they are adorable. Goma and Kuma are so cute and photogenic. Great job as usual."— Deborah

"I just got my Goma calendar in today. I love it! Thanks Sachie!"—Alyson

"Just letting you know that if you ever find yourself printing more Goma calendars, please let me know. I would LOVE to have one. Unfortunately, I didn't get it for Christmas :( even though it was on my wish list :( Thank you!" —JL

"I did receive my Goma calendar. I love it, Goma is such a sweetheart (and Kuma and Syd too!). I enjoy your website every time I visit it. Thank you so much :3"—Tracy

Pre-Order now! Calendar will ship before Christmas!

NEW 2014 Goma blog calendar—USA and Canada.
$21.99(S&H $3)

NEW 2014 Goma blog calendar—International
$21.99(S&H $6


Vanessa Morgan said...

What a cute calendar. This would make a perfect Christmas gift indeed.

jmuhj said...

What wonderful calendars, with Goma-chan AND Kuma-chan! Twice the beauty and twice the fun!

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