Report On Goma's Vet VIsit Yesturday

Goma's vet Dr. Moore called me to weigh Goma in since he was under weight a month and half ago... since then I have been trying to make him gain weight and it worked!! Goma now gained 2lbs and now he is "normal" weight!! What I did was increase his medicine. I increased Miralax to 1 tea spoon a day and gave him Lactose. He wasn't as constipated before and he started to eat a lot!! To take advantage of the fact that he is under Anastasia, we groom him, did urine+blood test and checked his teeth. Everything looks good except blood work which we are waiting for a result.
Another reason why Goma gained weight will be changing up his wet food to Fussie Cat brand. I found a flavors that Goma love which are Tuna with Anchovies Cat Food and Tuna with Chicken Canned Cat Food. Goma loves tuna and anchovies so when I saw this I told myself I must try this!! Here are some points that I liked about Fussie cat:
  • Promotes a healthy digestive system with prebiotic fructooligosaccharides
  • Made in human consumables manufacturing plant
  • Choice cuts of quality tuna
  • White meat chicken
  • Grain-free and rich in DHA
I still feed Goma his regular food AvoDerm Naturals Tuna & Crab Meat Canned Cat Food but I feel like mixing with different food and flavor is good idea for your cat's health. Just like humans, they will get bored with same food all the time! Mix up some food and they are happy!!


jmuhj said...

ConCATulations on Goma-chan's weight gain and *PRAYERS* for good test results all the way! It's good that you are having this done while he is under Anastasia. I hope she is not too heavy, however ;)

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

My human brought home Fussie Cat once on a friend's recommendation (I am underweight and a picky eater), and I was not overly impressed by it. So you might say I was too fussy even for Fussie Cat!

Paws crossed that Goma's blood work looks good!

Deb said...

So glad you 'did good'. Hugs

Pattyskypants said...

We think Goma is getting cuter, too. xxoo

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