Goma Lost Weight—His Yearly Check Up Results

We went to Goma's yearly check up yesterday. Overall, he is okay but few things concerned us.

• He have lost some weight about 2.5lb!!
 About his weight, Dr. Moore said it is better for Megacolon cat to weight less than overweight but she still feels like he needs to maintain a good weight. He was 10.7lbs a year ago and now he weighs 8.2lb. That means he have lost 2.5lbs!!! I will be soooo happy if I lost that much weight, but not Goma!! My problem is having overweight cat Kuma, it is very hard to feed them separately and I think Kuma eats all Goma's food...How in the world feed one under weight cat and one over weight cat?? Maybe I need to start feeding Goma with a kitten food?? Please someone help me!

• He still have huge, hard feces in his stomach.
 Even though his megacolon is under control, we still feel that his stool is hard and too large. SO we decided to increase the dosage of Miralax, 1/2 table spoon to 1 table spoon. We will start giving Lactose and Cisapride as needed. But Dr Moore suggests giving him Lactose little more often.

• He started to have cavities and Gingivitis.
We found a red coloring at base of his front fang which is Gingivitis. We need to clean his teeth pretty soon. Dr Moore said his teeth aren't that bad compare to his age and his breed. Which made me feel better. I think Greenies Dental Treats and   Dental Spray are helping. Also dry food helps with teeth too, I know we always hear wet food is o much better but little bit of dry food is maybe okay?

This in a good news. Beginning Aug 5th, Goma started with pet insurance from PetPlan. My vet told me the dental cleaning will cost at least $200. But Goma will be covered! I am so glad I got this plan...It's only $20/month and I have $200/year deductible and 80% coverage for that. I compared different pet insurance but Petplan was most comprehensive and affordable!


jmuhj said...

Poor Goma-chan! Maybe you could feed them in separate places, so he is sure to get his whole dinner? ;) And I use a water additive for dental hygiene -- there are different ones available at Petco or other supply stores. And I do feed high-quality dry,plus the Greenies.

Be well, Goma-chan! and Kuma-chan! <3 <3

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

I am underweight and Binga and Boodie are normal weight (only because they are very strictly portion controlled - otherwise they would eat WAY too much!). So I get fed separately from the other cats. And once we are done eating, the food gets put away, and if we are not done (usually this is only me - the other two belong to the Clean Plate Club), it gets saved until later, and then fed separately from the other cats.

That is how we do it here - maybe some of this can be done with Goma?

Angel and Kirby said...

Goma, take care of yourself!

Sweet Purrfections said...

Brûlée tends to eat less than Truffle, but weighs more. We're putting for our good buddy, Goma, that the mega colon issues can be controlled.

Anonymous said...

Sachie -

You might not be as happy if you lost 25-30 pounds without trying, though, which is what this is like for Goma.

I have a cat with weight loss issues and am trying to just give 'treat' meals in his own spot that he is willing to eat up right on the spot. Things like a spoonful of chicken or turkey baby food.

kbryan said...

I am sorry that Goma's checkup was not more positive. We all know that you take exceptional care of him. Some things are just beyond our control, however, that's the way life is. My daughter has the health insurance for her dogs, and it has been a tremendous help to her, that was wise of you go get it. Take care and give your kitties a hug from all of us!

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