Catstic Bags You'll Love

I'm always in hunt of a great cat-inspired bags...here are my picks for back to school season 2013!

1. Kitty Pussy Cat Head Printed Bag 2.Laurel Burch Assorted Mini Crossbody Bag W/Zipper 3. I love Himmy Totes 4. [Cat Catch the Fish] 100% Cotton Canvas Shoulder Bag.


jmuhj said...

These are gorgeous, Sachie-san! I love my Laurel Burch cat purse, a trio of various-sized cat portrait bags I got as a gift, and my bowler bag from the absolute best! designer on the planet, RedTango! (oh, and then there are the two vintage cat-face coin purses I was given as a small girl...)

Gary the crazy cat said...

Need to get myself a man bag cat bag

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