Goma Is A Spokescat!

Okay, Ben&Jerry's has nothing to do this post, but Goma still tries. Since we are Vermonter, how can we NOT to love Ben&Jerry's ice cream?? Yeah, it's like you are Japanese person doesn't like cats isn't it? Anyway, we love B&J, not only they have a really good ice cream, but they care about our environment as well. We are so proud that B&J is in Vermont! Goma wishes someday to be a spokescat for B&J and eat their ice cream all the time. His application is still pending.

Have you tried the new Late Night Snack flavor?  it was inspired by Jimmy Fallon, it has some potato chips in it. Wow...it's insane! you guys need to try that it's really good...and proceeds from the sales of Late Night Snack will go to Fair Trade college. That's puuurfect.


Marilia Bavaresco said...

Yes! All are YOURS!
Kisses Goma!

Sweet Purrfections said...

Our mom will fight you over that B and J. MOL

jmuhj said...

Ms. Marilia is right -- all ARE yours, Goma-chan! And that "Late Night Snack" sounds like it has your name on it, most definitely. (Though you might have some competition there from Sweet Purr) ;)

Pattyskypants said...

Goma should know this: EVERYBODY wants to be a B&J spokesperson!! What is Fair Trade College?

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