Catification Your Closet This Fall

It's time of the season to start thinking about Fall clothing. You must have eyes on cat inspired fashion if you are krazy cat person like me, or just want to enjoy unique fashion. Well cat inspired fashion never goes out of style if you do it right of course... I collected some super cute and hip tops which are must haves for the Fall!
1. Lovely Cat Print Sweater
OMG!! this is sweater is so cute I want to wear it all the time...

2. Polka Dot Printing T-shirt With A Cat Pattern Patch Pocket
Cat+Polka dot, what else you can ask for??
3. Fashion Cat Print Tank
How mod this tank top is...I love it!
4. Cat Print Round Neck T-shirt
This top will be heavey lotation of your wardrobe for sure this fall! You can layer of wear it as is!

5.Cat Pattern Sweater 
You must check out the back side of this sweater...so cute!



jmuhj said...

Of course I love all of these, but the green Tshirt has my name on it ;) That with leggings = :) I seem to remember your having an AMAZING cat sweater, Sachie-san! Am I right? ;)

Kendy P said...

cats on clothes = always in fashion! catshion rules!

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