Best Of Friends Of Goma Week Of Jul 29

I can not believe how Friends of Goma Facebook page grew so much to be such a great community. What I love about our group is that everyone shares their personal photos and stories. Some of them are too good not to share beyond FOG. This week, I am starting Best Of FOG posts so more people would be able to see this awesomeness!

This is Monica and her birthday cake, no it's not Photoshop, it's real. Her sweet aunt gave it to her! When I saw this photo I almost died... I was like "OMG that is ultimate cat-lady cake!!!! I am soooo jealous!" Happy Birth Day Monica!

Aein posted this unbelievable photo On July 30th "My two sweet kitties~ Pudding & Parfait! Pudding is a lilac Scottish Fold and Parfait is a flame point Siamese/Scottish Fold mix They're about a year apart in age:-)" I just can't have enough of this image...just so many things that are so incredible about this...
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1 comment:

jmuhj said...

WOW, what a gorgeous, loving pair! Put two cats in a donut bed and you have instant bliss <3

And that CAKE! (I could never eat that. I would have to have it preserved for posterity. Or something like that.) ;)

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