Mom Finally Got Something RIght

two baskets
two baskets 02
I got two baskets to put some of my clothing  that doesn't fit in to dresser. As soon as I put that down, they were on it!! one for each basket! How do they know that?? Well since they will stalk me everywhere I take my baskets so I decided to let them have the baskets for a while...baskets are basically upgraded version of a box for them.


Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

You are letting them have the baskets "for a while"? NO, they must have those baskets for FOREVER!

jmuhj said...

*MOL, Sparkle!*
*Sparkle is absolutely correct*

I'm a complete basket-junkie, and we have them everywhere. Some of them are sometimes occupied by cat(s). Some, not so much. They look great, and the bed-baskets have soft bedding in them for the comfort of the CATS. Others are for toys, of course ;)

Kendy P said...

ohh no Goma looks scared in the second pic! he must of thought you were going to take away the basket!

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