5 Human Toys That Cats Love

5 Human Toys That Cats Love
Stop wasting your money on buying the same cat toys over and over...you know your cats are tired of them. Instead, try buying your cat real human toy. Since I own two very picky cats, I am always on a look out for exciting toy for them...and sometimes I find human toy makes a great cat toy. I'll share 5 best human toy for cats today.

Hexbug Nano...where should I even start? Hexbug Nanos are little tiny battery operated cyborg bugs. They move and sound like a bug too. Yes it was made for kids and some adults, but I have a feeling that creator of Nano bug is a secret cat lover. They must be. I will say this this is the best cat toy ever.
Hexbug Nano

2. Kikkerland Rainbow Maker

I originally bought Kikkerland Solar-Powered Rainbow Maker for my self ever since I saw it in my friends' house. This brilliant solar operated machine will fill your room with rainbows, not just double rainbow, but many bits and pieces of rainbows, yeah take that double rainbow man! Anyway, when I got this machine I've noticed cats were fixated on the lights it made...they would bounce and paw little rainbow lights around the room. It was chaos but who cares as long as my cats had fun right?
Kikkerland Rainbow Maker

3. My Butterfly Collection - Animated Butterfly in a Jar - Pink Morpho

This one I saw it on flower show. It was nicely displayed among all the beautiful flowers. My Butterfly Collection Jar is the perfect toy for cats because a realistic butterfly flutters around in a jar! My cats has no chance getting that one but that's what makes them so crazy!
My Butterfly Collectio

4. Stealing Coin Cat Piggy Bank

Not cool. Cat's won't let us save money! They make us spend it all on them! ok well, maybe if you get this piggy bank you can save few bucks for your next cat shirt.
Stealing Coin Cat Piggy Bank

5 Magic Bottle Creatures

This toy makes you wish you were Japanese because you can't buy it from the US. Anyway, someone thought it will be cool to have cute octopus, jellyfish and baby seal creatures swim around inside of your water bottle. Well would be fun for probably a day for us but this will be infinite fun for cats!
Magic Bottle Creatures

Top 3 cat toys. Goma & Kuma approved:
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Angel and Kirby said...

We love the Hes bug. Especially when Mom puts it in the turbo scratcher!

jmuhj said...

All of these toys are amazing! I love Maneki Neko bank the most, but all of them are great. I'll have to ask a friend of mine if she can get me #5 when she goes home for visit. ;)

Kendy P said...

i bought Mar a hex bug after seeing Goma with his. i need to try and locate it or buy him another one...

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