Success In Controling Magacolon In Cat, Naturally

Updated: Dec 2nd 2013. I created Magacolon page which I compiled my resources in one place. It is located in upper main menu.
First of all, I am NOT a vet or specialist on Megacolon. This post is intended only for informational purposes and share what works for my cat Goma. I am not responsible for any damages or death of cats. Use this information at your own risk.

My cat Goma has been diagnosed as Megacolon almost 7 months ago, ever since then I have been trying many medicines, food, diet, supplements...it's been trial and error but I finally found the way to manage his Magacolon, naturally.

Before I get to that, here is our journey, I am not a vet or expert in animal medicine. But I did an extensive research on Megacolon both books and websites, however only solution they could provide me were basically a surgery and medicines. We all agree that having enema many times in a week is not a life of a cat and owners... And when medicine fails, the last resort for chronic constipated cat, is surgery or putting the cat down... and unfortunately a lot of cat owners choose to putting the cat down. Because the surgery is very expensive and it is very hard for cat to endure. My vet won't even do the surgery, she said it is too tough for the cat. Please know I was not planning to share this information to others, because I am not a Vet and I can't take responsibility when something goes wrong...but I kept hearing cat owner's who have to put their cats down because of Megacolon...I just feel I need to share it. So here I am.

I was desperate, I love Goma and I couldn't accept this. So I went on started to do research on Japanese websites. Luckily, I am native Japanese I can read them. Among those informational sites I found a group of people who owns chronic constipated cats. What I found was truly life saver. They showed me different ways to massage constipated cat and naturally induce feces to come out. I've been massaging Goma about 6 months now and I never have to give him enema ever since. Now, I seldom need to give him medicines anymore. I am using this method for 6 months so I do not know the long-term complication on this...but so far it is working for Goma.

1. You can actually feel feces with my fingers and know your cat is constipated. 
Yes, you can. When a cat is little fat, maybe harder to feel them but you can definitely touch them with your fingers. You just need to know where to touch. I know I was afraid to touch too, because I am not a vet, but I rather do this than letting him go though enema.  Now I got so good at it I can touch the feces without him even knowing it.
2. You can gently brake the feces with fingers and massage them out.
When you find big feces, you can actually try to brake them in few pieces with finger. DO NOT try to brake rock-hard feces with your finger, only when it becomes soft enough to be able to change the shape of it.  If it's rock-hard you can give your cat Miralax or Laxtrose with a lot of water so it will become soft enough to mold it. Wait few hours and feel it again. When feces is bit softer, you can brake them and move it towards the exit with fingers. Do not squeeze too tight, and do not try to squeeze it many times. Do it once and wait for 3-5 hours, if the cat did not pass stool, then repeat. In Goma's cases after I brake his feces and massage towards the exit, he will go within few hours everytime.

3. You can feel how hard those feces are in cat's stomach, so you can adjust your medicine based on that.
It is a peace of mind for me to be able to know when Goma is constipated or not. So I can avoid giving unnecessary medicines.  As you know, almost all medicines have side effects, if you can go without it, it is always better. When I find rock-hard feces I can give him appropriate meds to aid him to feel better. I give him Miralax and Cisapride mainly.

Learning how to feel and massage feces give you a lot of control in terms of constipation of your cat. You don't have to guess or wonder if your cats are constipated and that's the best part. You can now feel it! I know Megacolon is not curable, but you can manage the disease if you know how to do this. I wanted to share this information so that lives of cats with Megacolon might be saved and their quality life will improve. Also for cat owners who loves them so much doesn't have to go though hard times. All I know is Goma's Megacolon is now under control, and I don't even have to give him medicine everyday. But  again, this method works for Goma but might not work for your cats so use this information accordingly. I know when it comes to information on Megacolon, you can't have enough of it.... and I know how hard it is to have a cat with constipation issues.... I wish all cats with megacolon to live long, healthy and happy life... Love to all, Sachie.

Here are some other helpful tips to help constipation of your cat:

  1. Water water water!! always choose wet food over dry. Add as much water in the wet food if you can. If your cats doesn't like that then try putting his/her favorite treat on top of it. Goma loves bonito flakes so if I sprinkle on wet food, he will eat it.
  2. Try raised food dish, this amazed me but raising the food dish few inches makes Goma eat more of the wet food. It's simply easier for him to eat.
  3. Use water fountain rather than non fountain water.
  4. When you give medicine such as Miralax, Lactrose, you need to give a lot of water with it. They don't work if cats are dehydrated and doesn't have a sufficient water in it's system. If your cat doesn't like drinking water than you need to give water as you give other meds. Unfortunately, you need to force cat to drink water like medicine...but those medicine won't work unless you give water with it.
  5. Do you want to know if your cat is dehydrated or not? Try grabbing cat's skin from cat's back with one hand. If you can't then most likely cat is dehydrated.


Sweet Purrfections said...

So glad this is working for Goma. We know you love him very much and would do anything to help him.

Aunrea said...

I don't know if Goma likes pumpkin, but you might try giving him a tsp of pumpkin puree with his wet food, or as a treat as well. Love and best wishes!!

jmuhj said...

Thank you so much for this, Sachie-san (and you, too, Aunrea). You may very well save some precious lives by sharing this information! *Happy Mother's Day*

kbryan said...

What a great informative post! I can see it saving some lives of kitties. You've done such an extraordinary job of helping Goma. What causes this?

Thanks again, and belly scratches to the cats!

Eva said...

What a great post Sachie, I'm sure you will help many cats!! Goma is so lucky to have you for a mom!! Xo

Eva said...

This is great Sachie!! I know you'll help lots of cats!! Goma is so lucky you're his mom!!! Xo

Sara Eisen said...

thank you so much for this great post! my cat, fidget, has had megacolon for 4 years now, and she's also 17 years old!
lately i've been taking her to the vet more often than i have before, and both of us are unsure what to do anymore because she's pretty much on everything.

i am going to start this massage therapy and hopefully both of our lives will be much easier!

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