Vermont Fancy Felines Cat Show 2013

Every year I painfully wait for this day...Vermont Fancy Felines Cat Show! It was held Jan 5&6 at Sheraton Hotel at Burlington VT. I am looking forward to going because every year I can meet very special kitties that are so gorgeous!! They have every cats on the book, you name it and you can see them in person at Cat show!!
This is Hope, she is Iams Ambassador Cat. Exotic, Grand champion, Grand premier, Regional winner, National; winner, 1st Runner-up CFA cat idol(Very impressive). With all this impressive career or should I say Cat-eer, I though she was a little diva, then find out she was one of the most lovable girl I have ever seen. She just loves everyone. She was in the strollers all day greeting people. Good job Hope!!
HOPE in the stroller. I am thinking "Goma will NEVER stay in this..."
This is HEART, 4 month old Persian from Sunlit Persians Cattery. She was so mellow but playful!
I saw these beautiful Tonkinese kittens!! They remind me of Siamese a bit! It's can't to tell from the photo but they have a striking blue eyes!! Photo just doesn't do any justice.
Of course I had my eyes open for Himalayan cats!! Those two cutest Himalayans from Elevage Deverest Cattery from Quebec. I was touching one of them and owner told me I can't touch him...I was so sad... one thing about Cat show is you can't really touch and interact with cats because they are afraid they gonna get some virus or infections...Make scene but so hard!
Beautiful Himalayan!
Another Persian looks like Seamus, my friend Jackie Jones cat!
I was in LOVE with those Persians...they were 5 months old. The white one was a quite personality! She wanted to play HARD! I think I play with them like 20 mins before she was too tired to play. You can see their videos at Friends Of Goma Facebook page!


Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

I wonder if there were any Somalis?

Anzu said...

Thank you for sharing Angels to Earth. Fantastic!!

jmuhj said...

Not a fan of "Breeding" or catteries, but of course, I love all cats. "RESUED" is my favorite "breed", and until every cat and kitten waiting in shelters, ACCs, sanctuaries, rescues, and on the streets is in a good, loving, permanent home, that's my feeling and my priority.

Sweet Purrfections said...

Mom Paula loves going to the cat shows to see all the beautiful breeds, but there hasn't been a show in SC in a long time. Her favorite is always the Persians/Himmies. Go figure.

Allison L said...

How fun! I drove 8 hours to my first cat show in Nashville to see my grandma's cat. She shows and breeds Smoke Persians. It was so much fun!

Norm Miller said...

Hi Sachie. I work with David Z who showed me your blog last week. One of the Tonkinese kittens adopted me, and is now living in our home. The other kitten is going on her way to be a mommy some day, but the breeders have another litter that we are going to get a 2nd Tonkinese from. Here is a better pic from my facebook page https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/530304_4444748674406_2081128454_n.jpg

Veronica Maddox said...

That Ambassador Cat Hope is super beautiful! I did a Google image search, and only found a few pictures of her. Any idea where I may be able to find more?

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