The Way Of Man Cat

Boring cat 01
Boring cat 02
Boring cat 03
GOMA: I heard that.
KUMA: Well play with meee!!
GOMA: This is my job, you are too young to understand this.
KUMA: Yeah right!! you're just sleeping! That's not a job!
GOMA: Kuma...you are way too young to understand the way of man cat.
SACHIE: Goma why can't you just say you wanna sleep?


Angel and Kirby said...

Kuna, you need to whop him gently and see if he plays then!

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

Kuma has a lot to learn, right, Goma?

IndyRose said...

Bops are good!

jmuhj said...

Yes, truly, Kuma-chan, The Way of Man Cat is mysterious and deep. ;)

Pattyskypants said...

Kuma, it's something you learn at ManCat Kollege: pretend to sleep so they think you're not seeing them and then you catch them in the act!!

jenpen said...

Kuma does look like he's up to something lol. He's planning his attack, then "oh that will work".

Deb Barnes said...

Tis true... the life and ways of a mancat can be exhausting... trust me, I am speaking from years of experience. Purrs from your sleepy friend, Zee.

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