-20 Degrees Outside In Vermont

cold in Vermont01
cold in Vermont02
SACHIE: Goma! I can't grow fur on me. Are you insane?
GOMA: Why not??
SACHIE: Because I am a girl!
GOMA: ...Girl sucks.
SACHIE: Hey! Watch it Mr. I really gonna take you outside so you know how cold it is!
GOMA: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

:-) Stay warm everyone!!! Vermont is seriously having cold days some parts are like -74...I am not even kidding!
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Angel and Kirby said...

Sachie, come visit us! We are having false spring with 70 degree days!

Stay warm!

jenpen said...

It is very cold Goma. You are very lucky with all that fur. Stay warm.

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

I think Goma is smart, lying on your jacket - it is too cold for you to go out, Sachie!

jmuhj said...

Time to cuddle up with CATS, husband, and dog, right? ;)

Pattyskypants said...

Vermont sounds too cold for us!

Sachie Tani said...

I so wanna come visit you!! Do u have a room for Goma and kuma?

Sachie Tani said...

I know I had to go out and I almost froze to death!!

Sachie Tani said...

Yes.... Although they don't like cuddles!!!! All of my boys in da house !! Why??

Keisha said...

Warm time wif heaters and tea for u. :)

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