Two Himalayan Cats Needs Home—Hurricane Sandy Victims

My heart brakes for those two beautiful Himalayans...they were left home when Hurricane Sandy hit the NYC and their home is partially distorted and the owner can not take care of them anymore... This was brought to my attention by Deborah Mix, she already has two cats and a dog. Looks like the rescue group has very strict guidelines to who can adopt those two...they will not ship them and they will have to do house inspection etc...I am posting this because maybe someone in NY or close to NYC can adopt them...please spread the word!! They are just so precious to be homeless!! Please contact me anytime with questions:

Here are more info about them from Deborah:
Update on the two Persian kitties rescued in Brooklyn after Sandy.
I spoke to Andrea today at the pet shop where they are staying.

As I suspected I am not the ideal candidate because I already have two babies and the dog, especially the dog! They really want someone ideally in the NYC area who doesn't have other animals but has experience with Persians. She said they have some other people inter
ested but she took my number just in case, as a last resort.

Evidently these babies are very traumatized and they arrived at the rescue very sick with respiratory infections. They lived in the Rockaways. The Rockaways just out into the ocean at the bottom of Brooklyn. They were almost completely destroyed by Sandy. Andrea said the destruction is unbelievable.

Anyway, the two kitties were alone for a week in their partially destroyed home before the group got to them. The owner is homeless and can't care for them right now. They will NOT consider shipping them anywhere at all. They must stay here. She was really adamant about that.

I will post another update when I hear more. If I get them, they want to do a "home inspection". My place is so small and cluttered that may disqualify me right there. They may take one look and run away. LOL


jmuhj said...

Sharing for these two very adoptable treasures to my social networking pages/friends. I am involved in cat advocacy in the NY area, so this will reach a LOT of good people. *PRAYERS* and love for these sweet babies! (and their poor former caregiver) <3 and THANK YOU, Sachie-san, for sharing for them.

Jacqueline said...

We hope these gorgeous sweethearts find a loving forever home asap...We will purr loudly for their happiness...Happy weekend, sweet friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

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