Luxury Cat Watch By Tsumori Chisato

I am obsessed with feline inspired watches by Japanese fashion designer Tsumori Chisato... I have been a big fan of her fashion line Cats for a while now I am in love with her watches!! I know everyone now read time with cell phones, but I hear a lot of people started to wear watches as fashion statement piece, not so much telling time... I do agree watches are like bracelets, it gives such a presence when you wear it. Well for cats everytime is puuurfect time! Here are my favorites!

Tsumori Chisato Silcg002 Big Cat Ladies Watch The design is very understated and sophisticated!! Just good mount of feline touch. It's puurfect!!

Tsumori Chisato Silcf006 Big Cat Ladies Watch TSUSILCF006 
This is just so stunning!! This is a statement watch for sure! I've seen many watches like this but this one really pops because it's a kitty cat!!

Tsumori Chisato Silcl003 Manekineko Ladies Watch This is so elegant!! It remind of me of sleek black kitty with a lot of catitude!
Tsumori Chisato Silcq002 Paw Ladies Watch Can any cat ladies resist this watch? I love the pink paws...how awesome to see cute paws everytime you look down to see the time??

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jmuhj said...

Interesting -- thanks for sharing! I use my phone to check the time, and if I wore a watch with a cat theme, I'd want one much more cat-like. But these designs are something different, anyway.

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