Goma Sporks Cat

SACHIE: Goma! can you say something nicer than that? I spend so much time designing that!!
GOMA: Okay...I guess it's not food or toy so you can't do anything with it.
SACHIE: Omg Goma you are terrible sporks-cat! Never mind.
GOMA: ??

Anyway, yes! much anticipated 2013 calendar is here! Pre-order is going on now!

2012 My Cat Goma Calendar
Pre-Order below

$21.99 +$3 S$H (US, Canada)

$21.99+ $5 S&H(International)

1 comment:

jmuhj said...

MOL! Oh, Goma-chan. Can't you find any use for what your meowm spent so long making nice? *Sigh* Is your lil' bro in there with you? How about that big wag-tailed one?

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