Finally Found Litter Of My Dreams—Natural Cat Litter Cedarific

First of all, this is not paid review or anything. I'm doing this because I really think I found natural litter of my dreams!! Few days ago, I went to a local grocery store and saw this Northeastern Products Cedarific Natural Cedar Chips Cat Litter.... It grabbed my attention because I never seen this litter before and the price! A 7.5lb bag was only $4.99 not even on sale. It is the regular price! As you know most natural cat litter can be expensive. I normally use Feline Fresh and 24lb bag normally cost me close to $30. Other brand like World's Best Cat Litter7lb litter will cost you around $9. So you get an idea. I found Northeastern Products Cedarific Natural Cedar Chips Cat Litter, 50 Liter BagAmazon for only $30.56! Free shipping too.
Okay okay, I know what you are thinking...well it gotta be something less appealing about this litter. That's what I thought too, then I used it and found out:
  • It is made from 100% Red Cedar. No chemical or additives. Of course it is Biodegradable.
  • Very light and soft( I can pick 7.5lb bag in my one hand) which makes it easy for me to carry. Supersoft I bet cats will love that feel too.
  • Smell, I think I almost was transfered in to deepest forest when I smelled this litter. It is the BEST smelling of litter I ever had. Seriously, I even want to spread it all over my house just for the scent!(I'm kidding) but it is insanely good.
  • It has a good odor control.
  • Clumps very good.
  •  Lasts long time! 
  • Affordable!!
  • One down side is it tracks but it is about the same as other natural litters.
The bottom line for me is I want to use the best natural and chemical free litter for my cats no matter the cost associate with it. But I know for some people, it is economical to buy clay litter because it is cheaper. But now with Cedarific, you don't have to choose! With the price 7.5lb bag for $4.99, you can make the healthier choice for your cats! Now that's is a life changer!
The litter has fluffy and soft consistency. Smells REALLY good!

I really encourage you to at least try one bag of Northeastern Products Cedarific Natural Cedar Chips Cat Litter and see it for yourself! You might even find that it is better than what you've been using!

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Angel and Kirby said...

It would be nice to try it, but Mom is allergic to cedar!

jmuhj said...

That wonderful fragrance will also repel clothes moths ;)

susanbellnc said...

One of my pet sitting clients uses this and loves it. When it's time to change out the box, he just dumps the used litter in a spot in his yard.

Pattyskypants said...

Sounds like a very appealing option!

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