DIY Goma Carafe

I've been feeling so creative lately... it's something about winter being inside a lot?? Anyway, I decorated Milk and Cream Carafes for local cafe. How does it look?? I have a different theme on each one. On is Vermont summer and other is Vermont winter.
Making this Carafe is easy, I am obsessed with Martha Stewart Paints now...it is so versatile, you can paint on wood, glass even fabric and it will stay on! They have such a great colors too...thanks Martha!! These paint comes with this thin tip applicator that makes super easy to decorate anything. Here I took white paint and went crazy with it! You can also use different colors and choose any drawing surface you want. Mug cup and drinking glass can be really good one too!
Goma's tongue reaches beyond his nose!! I love this shot!!


jenpen said...

Those are very good Sachie!! That cafe is so lucky. So cute with Goma on it too. I love Goma's tongue. I wish I could take good pics of Fin.

Marilia said...

Hahahahaha! I make the same with my termic bootle!

jmuhj said...

Those are amazing carafes, Sachie-san! I'll be they give the cafe an increase in business because people will go there just to see them in person. I know I would if I lived close ;)

Goma-chan is so talented, he'd definitely win the Gold in the Cat-Lympics in the Tongue Nose-Touching Division! >^^<

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