DIY All Over Goma Shirt—Rubber Stamping

Holiday gift giving is here! I know every year I have such a hard time choosing gifts that will top last year...it seems like it gets harder every year isn't it?? Here is an idea, who wouldn't love handmade cat all over shirt? This is a great option because it is one of the kind and so special, who wouldn't love that? The best part of this is easy for your bank, I make bunch of these shirts under $10. If you can believe it.
I am no Martha Stewart but you don't have to be one to create this cute shirt in few hours! This is the finished product and I will show you exactly how you make it. First of all, you need a good shirt to stamp your awesome design on. You can choose any color ans style you want but make sure it is simple. The shirt shouldn't have bunch of buttons, zippers, seams and pockets. Simple is the best! I bought long sleeve t-shirt from Old Navy for $6! 
Fist you need a good Carve Blockto create a rubber stamp. You can buy large one and cut it your self. That way you can save money. I recommend Speedball Carve Blockbecause it is so soft and super easy to carve. Next you need a good carving tool. The one you see in the picture is the one I used in high school. But you don't need those fancy ones this Speedball Linoleum Cutter Assortment will do just fine.
Once you carve the rubber, you need to apply ink. I suggest testing out on paper to see your design, adjust accordingly. It doesn't have to be perfect though, it is a handmade craft it meant to be not perfect! I used Versacraft Ink152 Sand ink here but you can choose any color you want. Also Martha Stewart has great range of inks that are so versatile check it out Martha Stewart 18 Satin Paints.
Goma wasn't very impressed...well this is such a fun things to do with your friends and family. Bring a friends and kids over and have a craft day! Why not? You have fun and get those holiday gifts done! Just pawsome.

Material List: What you will need to make cat all over shirt.


Deb Barnes said...

This is so clever!! What a talented human you have, Goma!! Love, love, love it!

Deb Barnes of Zee and Zoey

Nicole W said...

you should sell these on your blog I would so buy one

Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

I love this! I would have my human try it, but I am not sure I trust her with sharp instruments. She is clumsy!

jmuhj said...

That is a GORGEOUS shirt and I would also wear it proudly! Thank you for sharing the "recipe" for making them!

Marilia said...

So so cute!

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