Goma Tee Shirt By Burton Snowboards

Burton Snowboards sachie tee
Burton Snowboards sachie tee 02
Burton Snowboards sachie tee 03
I normally don't post my professional work here but this one I really wanted to share because Goma is in it!! Burton Snowboard 2013 website finally launched today so I can show you t-shirts that I designed! First tee/Hoodie is called "Friends of Forrest" and basically it is Goma overload tee. Can you spot Goma in second picture? Other tee is called "Raccoon eyes" tee, now I more I look at it he looks like Goma to me...I don't know why but Goma looks bit like Raccoon...don't you think? I hear this tee is their best seller right now, I am afraid that it's gonna sell out before I get hands on them...hopefully not...you can buy those t-shirt at Burton Snowboards web site right now.


Sparkle the Designer Cat said...

These are very cool, Sachie!

jmuhj said...

I see Goma-chan! :)

jenpen said...

These shirts are fabulous. I see Goma. I'm going to show my friends that ski and snowboard these.

parabellum said...

I love you blog, If you want more of a giggle i've started a blog just for ur daily giggle. Its just cats doing things that will bring a smile to you face.

It would mean a lot of you come and check us out


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