TV Guide Cat Goma

tv guide cat 01
tv guide cat 02
tv guide cat 03
SACHIE: Goma why can't you just leave Kuma alone?
GOMA: I iz need take napz!! I need those things!!
SACHIE: Kuma doesn't know what TV guide is!
GOMA: Then tell him to get me TV remote!
SACHIE: Goma why are you in the kitchen drawer??YOU KNOW you're not allowed in there!!
GOMA: (running away).
SACHIE: Hey Mr. Sneaky come back here!!


Angel and Kirby said...

Goma, you are being real sneaky! But the drawer looks so comfy!

Sparkle said...

Goma, if you are in it, that drawer is yours - Sachie should be bringing you the TV guide and iced water instead of telling you that you are not supposed to be there!

jenpen said...

Goma you deserve the TV guide, iced water, and remote. You work hard being a handsome man-cat model all day.

Repositório said...

Hahahahah! Funny!

jmuhj said...

Or, put another way: ***GOOD HELP is hard to find*** ;)

Pattyskypants said...

Goma, little brothers are not there to serve you!

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