Goma And Kuma Got A VIsitor

This very pretty white cat visited Goma and Kuma! I am not sure if she/her was stray... didn't look so because it wasn't skinny someone must be feeding her! She was very friendly too and didn't get scared of cats or me! This is so funny, Kuma was so interested in her, and Goma was like "Hey that's mai food!!" lol

UPDATE: 06-25 afternoon
WE GOT RESPONSE ABOUT WHITE CAT WITH EXTRA THUMBS!! I posted on Front Porch Forum and it was a success!! Here is the response I will copy and paste!
Hi there, the white cat with the extra toes belong to us, we live at XX Pinecrest. His name is Chilly and he is getting to be an old man, 13 years old now - he loves to be outside.

Thanks for writing, he is ours though and we love him.

His name is Chilly! and he has an owner! Thanks everyone for the advise!!


Pattyskypants said...

Oh, what a dilemma! Sometimes people forget to take their kittehs with them when they move after the semester ends. If she is clean, she just might be gettin' to know the 'hood. But if she is untidy, she is probably one of the "forgotten" ones. xxoo Patty

Angel and Kirby said...

She was really hungry! WE hope she has a home!

Sparkle said...

She's very pretty. I hope she has a home.

jmuhj said...

You could take her picture and post fliers in your neighborhood saying "FOUND: WHITE CAT" and a contact number, see if there are responses, and ask them to identify her -- if she has people, they will say she has extra toes (Polydactyl). I would offer her food and fresh water when she comes if you are able to do so. If no one claims her, I would of course be strongly tempted to see if the family would like to enlarge. I'm sure Kuma-chan would agree :)

Anne from TheCatSite.com said...

Careful with those shared dishes - I'm sure you washed it very thoroughly after feeding her, but thought I'd mention it all the same.
You're always welcome to post on our strays and ferals forum on TCS :) I'm sure people can offer advice on how to tell if she's a stray and what to do with her:

IndyRose said...

If she lets you, look at collar might have some info.

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