Spring Is Here In VT—Outdoor Pop Up Playpens

not fair
not fair 02
It is just perfect day here in Vermont! Not too hot or cold, sunshine is out and seems like everything came to live!! Of course Goma and Kuma wants to go out and feel the sun. They are very jealous of Syd. He can go outside and walk around or just lay there.

Have you ever wonder if there is a portable playpen so that your indoor cat can go outside and enjoy the sun? I know not many people can afford nice sun room... In my opinion,  nothing more exciting than taking your indoor cat outside!! Here are my choice of outdoor playpens that I love!

• Kritter Kondo
I think I need to get Kritter Kondo from storage soon so that they can go outside! Kritter Kondo is very durable playpen that easily folded and take it with you everywhere. Goma has this and he will go outside with it!

• Pop Up Playpen from Ware
I found Deluxe Pop Up Dog Playpen on Amazon and I'm considering buying...It comes with different size and pretty affordable and very light!  It folds flat and comes with different patterns...I especially like Leopard print... I think Goma and Kuma will love this!!


Pattyskypants said...

You are such a good mom to Goma & Kuma! xxoo

kbryan said...

Nice enclosures. I have a small back patio and use this product on the top of the fence, and it works great - http://www.purrfectfence.com/. http://www.purrfectfence.com/photo_gallery.asp

And I've used this one too http://www.kittywalksystems.com/town_country.asp Yeah, my cats are spoiled. . .

Angel and Kirby said...

We have a tiny portable condo that Kirby likes to go out in. He gets over stimulated very quickly, though! We would love to have a Kritter Kondo!

jmuhj said...

I love those pix! SO CUTE! ;)

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