I Secretly Love Ugly Cat Sweaters

I secretly love ugly cat sweaters. I even have a folder in my desktop that collects images of ugly cat sweaters. I think they are so much fun and expressive. In cat sweater world, cats seems to always be doing some activities like swimming, playing music and in this case on Summer vacation. I love the story it tells. I wish I have a courage to wear this sweater in daily basis, but I feel like I can not pull this off...maybe I will wear in Christmas.
This sweater was a generous gift from my dear friend Jackie Jones. She is a regular on Friends of Goma Facebook group. I confessed to everyone that I love ugly cat sweaters there and Jackie found this sweater and send it to me!! Thanks Jackie!
This cat is on the back side of the sweater. I love that it says "Cat's Summer Vacation". Do you have ugly cat sweater?? Would you share it on Goma's Facebook page?


Jennie said...

Sachie! I love your cat sweater!! I think you can totally pull it off. I love how the cat has an inner tube at one point. Sooo cute!

jmuhj said...

I love it, too, Sachie-san, and hope you will wear it bravely! I also love cat sweaters (but I don't think there are any ugly cat sweaters) and I have two, a pullover from Eddie Bauer and a cardigan from Express, that I wear proudly.

Emma'sStitches said...

I secretly love ugly cat sweaters as well! Oh, what I wanted to ask you, do you by any chance have a cross stitch pattern of Goma?

Pattyskypants said...

I don't have any ugly cat sweaters but ALL my sweaters have cat fur on them. Does that count??? LOL xxoo Patty

jenpen said...

I have my ugly cat sweaters too. I wear them proudly. Us cat people need to stick together lol.

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