Manekineko Goma

SACHIE: OMG! Goma you look exactly like Maneki neko!!
GOMA: I iz your Maneki neko! You don't need this fake ones!!
SACHIE: Oh Goma I know you are one and only lucky cat for me!!


Angel and Kirby said...

That is a great pose, Goma. You do look like a very lucky cat!

jmuhj said...

Adopting Goma-chan was the best fortune ever, wasn't it, Sachie-san? How adorable he is, and how cute your cat figurines are, too. I also collect maneki-neko, but I do not have the ones in your photo. Very nice!

Sparkle said...

Boodie does the Maneki neko pose here, and she is pretty good at it! I don't know how lucky she is, though - she gets smacked around by Binga at least once a day!

Pattyskypants said...

WE are lucky to have Goma in our lives, too! xxoo Patty & Bhu

jenpen said...

I agree with Pattyskypants, "WE are lucky to have Goma in our lives, too!". Goma is a great poser for the camera. Such a handsome man-cat.

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