Hepper Pod Giveaway— Happy New Year 2012!

Happy New Year everyone! To start off 2012, the very first post of this year must be very EPIC! So we have a pawsome giveaway for you! To kick start, we are giving away one newly updated Hepper Pod, it is a modern furniture that every modern cat should own!! it is also Goma favorite pod(he owns two of them). Thanks Jed, the designer/owner of Hepper Pod for sponsoring this event!



1. Visit Hepper website.
2. Come back to Goma blog and post a comment answering this question.
 What other product(s) would you like to see on Hepper home?
(The comment link is located in under this post where it says XX MEOWS).

• Make sure to give us your e-mail address so we can notify you if you are winner.
• Do not put answer to the chat box on the right hand side page.
* Annonymous entry will be ignored(We want to know your name!)

This giveaway for US residents only(sorry)

That's it!! The dead line for this giveaway is Jan 13th! and will pick a winner randomly using random number picker. Please help spread the word of this giveaway with your Twitter, FB, Myspace etc...so more kitty will have a chance to win!!

Let me know if you have a problem entering the comment, I will enter you manually! E-mail sachietani@gmail.com

Thanks everyone and good luck!!


Lana G. said...

Well, I would like to see anything! Because right now it seems like the website is down. Anyway, my cats will adore a pod like Goma has.

Lana & The Fuzzy Foursome


Amy L said...

We can't get on the site now, but from what we remember, all of the beds are pawsome! We would love one in green!
Thanks for the chance!

Amy & the furry rescue gang :)

brattyblazer @ gmail dot com

Sachie Tani said...

OMG...Please enter me!!!! We need this so Bad!!! -Lizz Dominguez
Thank you!!!!:-*

Lap Band Gal said...

I would like to see cozy kitty blankets :)



Maggie May said...

Oh wow! We want a Hepper bed sooo badly! We'd like to see maybe a cat carrier from Hepper.

We'd love to win, so please enter us!


maxine said...

Hepper treehouse would be catabulous. Tall with one on top and one a little lower so two cats can have tree house. myra.foster@gmail.com

anny32 said...

i would like to see something cool in litter boxes.. hidden furniture stylish..
zippy573 AT netscape DOT net

8GR8CATS said...

What other product(s) would you like to see on Hepper home?

Any other kind of bed product! We would love to have a Hepper!


Anonymous said...

The pods are adorable. Maybe they could create some that are big enough for multiple cats or create some style allowing the pods to stack vertically without toppling. Cat carrier choices would be nice as well, the kind you can take on planes. Just an idea, would love to win one.

Thanks, Cassie and three furries


Angel and Kirby said...

We would love to win a pod! We would like to see carriers or a pod tree!

TheWilsonZoo said...

The pod design is ingenious. I'd like to see what they could come up with for a cat tree/jungle gym.

Sweet Purrfections said...

We like the idea of a double decker hepper pod so both of us can have a place to sleep. Please enter us!

Truffle and Brulee

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

Absolutely ADORE the pod!!!

Would love to see one with a super cushy pillow inside!

any color is fine!

cgittleman at mi dot rr dot com

Jan's Funny Farm said...

We like flgirl19's suggestion about stacking.

We kitties think the pods look neat. Jan thinks the dishes to catch the crumbs look terrific. Lots of crumbs around here.


windycindy said...

What a grand prize giveaway!
Do they make them for we
humans? I would like to see other
forms of kitty climbing trees and
other pod shapes for kitties...
Many thanks, Cindi

lizzard55 said...

My 4-legged kids would just LOVE the green hepper pod bed. I am guessing they will fight over who gets to use it. LOL!! What an awesome giveway.
Thanks.. lizzard55@gmail.com

momsbusy said...

love the idea of stacking or double sized for multiple cats.

Anonymous said...

Id love to see more beds or furniture for them to play on. Email is prodigal676@aol.com

ArtemisiaFSS said...

Well there are three of us cats so we likes the idea of a Hepa Pod Condo. Maybe kinda like a tree house with different levels and balconies for lounging in the sunbeams.

The Island Cats said...

We wanna Hepper! And something for more than one cat would be really cool! Please enter us!!

Bayr said...

Mischa and Sasha would love a Hepper bed!

I think what would be cool would be a Hepper bed that hangs from the ceiling. That way it doesn't take up floor space for those of us in apartments and it is up high the way cats like!

Jennifer (Sasha and Mischa's mom)

AmanoUsagi said...

I would love to see hepper blankets for kitties. That would be great. Thanks for the killer giveaway.

Rachel Shubin said...

I would love to see cat perches! and cat toys!

What a fun perch, we would love this! rachel(dot)shubin(at)gmail(dot)com that is rachel.shubin@gmail.com

Terri Gordon said...

The Hepper Pods have a distinct 1950's feel about them and since I collect 1950's era TV Lamps and my Lily loves dark cozy spaces, we both would love a Hepper Pod! For new items on the website, maybe a cat tree incorporating Hepper Pods would be great. Maybe expand color range of Hepper Pods to Blue and Red? (Lily loves the current grey one!) The new Nom Nom Bowls are ingenious!Great idea!
Terri and Lily

Melanie said...

My little Gus would be so cozy in a Hepper Pod!! I would love to see what kind of cat trees they would come up with incorporating their modern design.

Melanie (Gus' Mom)


Sachie Tani said...

I would like to suggest that they make some pods in animal prints. Zebra would be snazzy. I would also get a laugh out of having big frog eyes mounted on the top of the Kermit green pod. I used to carry an umbrella like that and got a lot of smiles. My gang would love to have one of these, but I would soon have to buy 4 more once they saw the first!

Macrina Martin, macmusic@vol.com

Anonymous said...

Entering for Margo, having computer problems.

Having trouble entering comment for the Hepper pod.
Would like to see more kitty furniture.margos.mft@gmail.com

Leslie said...

I would like to see a unique scratching post of some kind

Leslie Dominguez

amyorvin said...

I like to see a cat tree or possibly the shelves you can hang up high on a wall for cats to climb.


Nikki said...

I think they would make nice carriers! Thanks for the giveaway!

Nikki said...

I think they would make nice carriers! Thanks for the giveaway!

Angie Y. said...

My cat Loves to sit in the window! Would be neat if a Hepper pod could be made as window perch/shelf :)


Brat said...

My cats would LOVE this !!! I also have an eye on their food dishes , would like to see some toys, pet throws available on the siteas well

Thanks for the chance & Happy New Year !!!


mollysusie said...

I've heard a lot about Hepper beds and would love to try one! My old lady cat is 20 so I'd like to see a low bed for older cats (or kittens). Also an orthopedic and self heated bed ... I used to see them all the time but have had trouble finding them lately.

Jennifer Janesko said...

I have been a fan of the hepper since I first saw them. I was disappointed that they were on back order for so long. I believe there is a huge void in the market for sleek, modern cat products. Either you have to order them from Europe or the prices are too high.

I second that about a pet carrier. My cat goes to the groomer, the vet, to my mom's house and sometimes to my sister's place. I would love to transport him in a modern lightweight carrier.

I would also like to see a quilted shallow cat bed with an edge around it in modern colors and a simple style. Something you could put on a chair, in a carrier or by a bed.

Good job Hepper!


Unknown said...

Missy would love one of these ! I'd like to see some "dangle toys" to go with the pod !


KelTX said...

My cats do love the comfort of an enclosure or the circular shape....would also be cool if they could make something that could attach to a windowsill inside and a wall or outside balcony railing for us apartment dwellers.

Plus....my little dogs love.....beds like these...so make them with short legs too!

teaberry said...

I am intrigued by the Hepper pods! They do seem to have a good grasp of the functional and the beautiful. I want to add my voice to those suggesting a carrier. I have two old carriers that look a bit like large picnic baskets and they are by far my favorites. Every time I use one, people come up and ask me where I got it. Unfortunately, they don't seem to be made any more, and I don't like the other carriers. I'd like to see something from Hepper that would be sturdy yet light and stylish, and most of all, be a top loader. It's really hard to cram a reluctant cat through those little doors! Jeanne aka teaberry (at) gmail dot com.

Unknown said...

I LOVE the idea of the pods, but also would like to see a play area of sorts or a group of tunnels for cats to hide in. Thanks!


eseberg said...

Scratch posts or climbers would be great.


HelloCutePanda said...

Would love to see Scratching Posts or tunnels. My kittens would love that Hepper Pod. Give them something to fight over. LoLz

hellosweetpanda at gmail.com

Jules' mom said...

I think these are cute! Jules would love to have a blue of to bring out his Himalayan blue eyes!
But he said he would share with his sisters if he had to.

I think Heppa should have cushions for inside the pods. That and I would love to see someone design a little box with a lower step in entrance (covered). Jules has a hard time stepping in now with the ones ones I have been able to get where I live. As the shorter breeds get older this makes some of these difficult to get into. This will lead to them perhaps not being able to use the box properly.
Would be great if someone could make one with these issues in mind. Thanks!

Gloria said...

I would like to see a water bowl with a fountain or filter in the design of their food bowls. My cats are very particular about their water.

elramarthestarwinged at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Loved the Goma Pod video! Loved the photos on the Hepper Pods website, too! We would like to see one in blue! How about a duplex or condo? Do they all have linings/padding? I noticed Goma's pod slid on the floor when kitty exited. Are there no rubber/vinyl pads on the frame for non-carpeted floors? Thank you for this opportunity! Blessings, Vanessa Mortensen vamortensen@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hi Sachie! That cat dish is really cool, I need one for my messy kitty. I think it'd be really cool if you could 'design your own' Hepper pod - pick the color of the shell and the color of the blanket so it is custom and matches anything! (patterns for the interior blanket would be sweet)
Thanks - vonglahn@uwalumni.com

SharonZ said...

I think they need to sell replacement cushions for the hepper!

fashionsandwich said...

I would love hepper to make wall mounted cat shelves or stairs. I see them on some sites and they are made of wood, but I'd love non-wood in particular.

Josie said...

I think a Pod big enough for my larger kitty girl; otherwise some kind of scratching post that was fun and functional.



Anonymous said...

Hey Sachie and Goma, my name is Jasmine, my kitties names are Esme and September. What we would like to see on the Hepper site are beds for the walls! They could have a couple of kitty steps leading to the bed on the wall (screwed in manually on your wall) and then a little bed (screwed in) on the wall, that way when kitties sleep and count sheep, they can catch them too!


Anonymous said...

How about a Hepper Pod bed that sits on a wood base so that the legs could be wrapped in sisal so the Pod could do double duty as a scratching post AND a bed?

Thanks for the terrific giveway to start the New Year as my felines would love this (what cat wouldn't?) :-)

jerseygirl1351 ataol dotcom

jmuhj said...

LOVE Goma-chan's UFO video! What music is that? I like it very much!

Umm, we were wondering if Hepper would consider an extra-LARGE size Pod. For extra-LARGE size cats. ;) And we'd like ours in a light golden brown. Or an antique rose. Or a sage green. We can be reached at jmuhjacat(at)att(dot)net >^^<

Layla (CatWisdom101.com) said...

We'd love to see a dual-purpose product i.e a cat bed that converts into a carrier.

hellflower said...

My kitties would love the Pod! Maybe Hepper could have those shelving units to hang on the wall so kitty can climb up high, only make them really plush.

Thanks for the great giveaway!

Donna Marshall

Anonymous said...

Hi Sachi,
I can't find the xxmeow link for the giveaway. Please enter me manually. The product I would like to see Hepper produce is a lower form of that marvelous bed for older cats who are not as agile as they once were. My cats and I really enjoy your adventures!
Much love,
Mary Meredith

Johnna said...

Hi Goma and Sachie~!

I think more than anything I'd really love to see something for the kitties to sink their claws into. =] Sometimes nothing beats well manicured claws for a cat and can really brighten their mood! Or perhaps something with several compartments for the cat to hide in? Or maybe little compartments you could hide throughout your house for your cat... like you posted on Friends of Goma... it's great for cats to be able to find new and exciting places to hide!

Johnna Wadelin

Zeroichi said...

Mommy's been eyeing those beds since before she adopted me. We think hepper should offer attachments and also have it come in 3 sizes. I really really want one, but i'm worried i might be too big. Some ideas.
- Various legs - for height flexibility
- Pod tops and bottoms also sold separately in case someone wants to mix and match
- Interior pads - various colors sold separately
- optional attachments - feathers, disco ball ... etc.
- Wall or ceiling mounting abilities as well would be cool too

it's nice to have something customized to your own style

My name is Zeroichi
Mommy's name is Alice
Her email address is friedbanana78@yahoo.com

jingmei said...

Hi! We'd love to see Hepper design a stylish litter box. (We like to poop in style). We'd also like to see their fabulous bowl in a bigger size and more colors. :-)
- Slippers, Boots, and XiaoNa

Our mom's email is margaretwu.mwu@gmail.com

Ani said...

Definitely a Hepper litter box!! Could call it the Hepper Hider Pod as in hiding the box of litter! Me kitty Splash would give it 10 toes up! >^..^< kittyannart@myopera.com

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Oh, cat trees with pods and a litter box hider that looks like something from outer space! We've always wanted a Hepper Pod!

CelestiHel said...

My kitties would loooooove this!

I'd like to see a water dish that is like the food dishes. We have cats that like to splash!

Helen, Spiderman, Harold & Claude

celestihel at gmail

Lily said...

Different colors would be nice; either black or white. A ball track that moves around the middle, so the pod looks kinda like Saturn (ball not removable).
Lily lilmtgrn@yahoo.com

Pixie said...

maybe a hammock like feature added or just one by itself! MY furbabies love hammock like beds!


Kassie said...

I would love to see a heating pad that fits inside the pod. Very short hair and hairless cats can get cold easily and they like their home to be warm

knappier [at] gmail.com

Thea said...

I would love to see more of these round colorful products, cat toys and def. more variations with the Hepper Pod... more colors and I don't like that the metal rod is just metal colored, it once had the color of the inside pad, or?
xoxo Thea

d.kulack [at] gmail.com

susanbellnc said...

I love the food dishes, and would get one for my outside kitties except I just know the raccoons would drag it off. They're mean like that. HA

I'd love to see some sort of heated bed as my inside kitties are getting older and like that kind of thing. Not necessarily an electric one or anything, just maybe one of those thermal pads inside that reflect back the cat's own body heat.


JamesZ said...

I would love to see the hepper come in more neutral colors with replacement cushions.


missmuffcake said...

I would like to see more space age furniture for kitties of all sizes!


Suzaku24 said...

I love the hepper pod. I would like to see a carrier product from them.

~*Connie*~ said...

I'd like to see a lower pod as well.

kerbear said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
kerbear said...

What I would like to see is a larger open topped pod that's more like a rectangle? Cadyboo is a sprawler. She doesn't like much to curl up unless it's cold (which it rarely is here) maybe expand on the concept of the pod but make it like a hammock?

kerbear31 at gmail.com

kimana said...

omg this is so cool!! we wanna win....we would like to see a smaller hepper pod for kittens and extra large ones for other kitties that like the extra space. our cats fight over sleep space so i hope we win.

Kimberly cummins

Anonymous said...

I would love too see a few litterboxes! the hepper pod is cool!

lauren N


BethySue said...

I'd like to see a litter box, cat trees, toys, a carrier, and MORE COLORS!!!


Anonymous said...

I would like some more blankets or different pillows for the beds,

Rachel S.


JR said...

Bunker would love to see a cat tree house with multiple levels with toys on it as well.


beth.emmons said...

I would love to see Hepper come in various other colors too and the double or more decker idea would be great for multiple cats. Another product I think would be a lower pod or adjustable legs for senior or disabled kitties who cannot jump up and in to a bed as easy.
This is one of the best designed products I have ever come across. Thanks for great design and function! My kitty would love the gray pod. Our email is: Ms.Phoebecat@gmail.com

Vanessa Mortensen said...

This pod would be purrfect in our house! Our kitties like to snuggle together in the soft kitty beds we have on our bed (daytime). Maybe there would be less kitties on our bed with a pod in the house! Still would like to see a blue one, but will be happy with any color, should we win one. Thanks for the opportunity! Vanessa Mortensen (Smokey, Bootsy, & Inky) vamortensen@hotmail.com

DonnaZ said...

This pod would be a great addition for my himalayans. I would like to see them in more colors, though.


Anonymous said...

Would love to see a larger pod because my kitties like to snuggle together (8 lbs. and 12 lbs. )
Sandy at msmouse7@yahoo.com

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