Paw VS Paw

SACHIE: Ok ok, guys....your paws are just so awesome as is.
GOMA: BUT mine is better!!
SACHIE: Goma, no one's paw is better you can't compare it.
GOMA: I don't care I KNOW mine is better!! It's im-paw-sible that Kuma is better than mine!!
SACHIE: Goma why everything have to be a competition???


Terri and Lily said...

Psst..Goma...don't tell Kuma, but my Lily is voting for you. She says your paws have more experience!
Hmmmm......Going to have to ask her what she meant by that comment!

Sparkle said...

Goma, everything is a competition here too. Humans just don't understand.

Angel and Kirby said...

both of you have pawsome paws

jenpen said...

Goma your paws really are paw-some. I like how the bunches of fur come out all over. I just want to rub them. Fin likes his stroked, makes him sleepy.
Kuma you look like you were "dancing" with your claws out. You look happy.

jmuhj said...

*Indeed*, Sachie-san! No contest is necessary for two such amazingly-pawed furboys -- we are all in awe of the paw, whether stripey or sable! ;)

Pattyskypants said...

Goma, your paws look like Bhu's paws, so I like them the best. But Kuma's paws, though not as fluffalishus as yours, are just right for his body. xxoo Patty

IndyRose said...

Goma has little tufts of fur between his toes like Fluff does! Makes them even more squeezable.

Nicole said...

I have a blog very similar to yours!

Your blog is very funny! Good work!

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