Kuma Is Coming To Your House By Mail Too?

GOMA: You are too fat Kuma.
KUMA: No I is NOT fat, It's all mastle!!
SACHIE: Guys...that box is too small for any of you to begin with.
GOMA: What? so you call me fatz??? I fitz!! I fit any boxes in da world!!


jmuhj said...

Maru-chan has some amazing proteges, I see ;) Hurry and ship, you two! We've got some special organic catnipz and bonito flake treatz! PAW-tay! >^^<

kerbear said...

My Suggestion: Costco Fruit flat box. Kitties fit in them and they can be shipped via truck. :)

Sparkle said...

I agree with you guys - you can fit into any boxes!

Angel and Kirby said...

Any box is just right for either of you boys.

jenpen said...

Kuma you are not fat just long. Brother Goma is teasing you. A small box is always better isn't it Kuma and Goma? You both are so cute.

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