Do You Know What Girls Call Goma?

GOMA: You are learning about real-man-cat-hood so fast Kuma.
KUMA: Oh cuz I have a really great teacher!!
GOMA: I know, well if you follow me, you will probubly be able to be a real man-cat soon.
KUMA: OMG really?? That's so awesome!
SACHIE: Guys...what are you whispering about??


This is Juno and Pumpkin, who won the Manekineko souvenir giveaway! Amanda writes:

"Juno and Pumpkin are both 2 years old. We rescued them from the Denver Dumb Friends League. Pumpkins full name is HRH Princess Pumpkin Von Fluffy Pants III and Juno is HRH Dutchess Juno Von Scratchkins III. Pumpkin is a sweetie and Juno gets into lots of trouble. ^_^ Thanks again for everything - and the good wishes."
Ohh I am so glad Juno and Pumpkin likes Manekineko goods!! I hope it will bring a lot of luck and fortune to your family!! Thanks Amanda for sending this picture!! Love it!

Amazon is having Cyber Monday sale week, and I bought this Cat Fancy (1-year)magazine 1yr subscription for just $13!! I always wanted to subscribe but never had a chance until this offer...this is the cheapest I can find so far for me...good deal indeed! Anyway I thought to pass it along...


IndyRose said...

Goma has that Paul Newman look!

jenpen said...

I agree with Rose. He really is a Heart-breaker. I wonder how many secrets he keeps from Kuma ;)

Angel and Kirby said...

Kuma, just wait, you will be a heart breaker in your on way, someday soon!

jmuhj said...

Gorgeous Maneki Neko cat contest winners! And you will enjoy CAT FANCY very much, Sachie-san! As for you two, Goma-chan and Kuma-chan, I don't know which of you is handsomer -- you are BOTH jewel-eyed heartbreakers and I love you both so much! ;)

Sparkle said...

You boys!!!!

Pattyskypants said...

Just wanna KISS HIM! xxo Patty

It is so nice to meet the HRHs Juno & Pumpkin! Such purrity little things! xxoo Bhu

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