Ultimate Relaxing Spot: Cat Cafe In Japan— Calico in Tokyo

My dream has finally came true!! I visited one of the cat cafe in Tokyo! I went to cat cafe"Calico" in Kichijyouji, Tokyo. It was located in the 3rd floor of a small building. They had about 14 cats, all of them are pedigreed and pure-breed cats that came from reputable breeders. The place was very clean and full of light. The play room was big, and had lounge chairs and sofas everywhere. Of course there were a lot of toys, shelves, cat walks, props and cat trees. It created the perfect place for cats and human to interact and play.

I know some people wonder why we have to pay to mingle with some cats, but if you go there you will understand. Cat cafe attracts cat lovers who purely loves cats, but also people who just want to relax and scape from busy city life in Tokyo. Also a lot of people in the city can't live with cats even though you love them. My brother for example, he loves his cat Matsu, but he had to leave her with my parents because his apartment in Tokyo doesn't allow pets.

In cat cafe, the time goes slowly. In the corner, I saw a man slept with one of the cat on his lap. And other corner there was a young lady who was reading a book with a cat on her side. They seemed to be content and happy. There was a man who is frequent customers, he said that about half of the cats here can do "hand" trick because of him. Yes, I saw it in my own eyes!

So how much do you pay for cat cafe? Well, you pay$12 for the first hour and $1.80 for every 15 minutes after that. You can order a soft drink for $2.40. The cat treats are $3.60 per treat.

You can take a cute picture like this one as much as you want!! Photographing is allowed without flash!!
If you are cat lover and visiting Japan, you must visit cat cafe! They are everywhere in Japan now. I wish I can open cat cafe in the US...that will be my dream!

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Angel, Kirby and Mac said...

That looks like a very relaxing place to go. Lots of kitties and peace.

Repositório said...

Is the paradise?????????????????????

jenpen said...

Looks like the perfect place to be. Even the cats are relaxed or having fun. I've never seen a Selkirk Rex before. I learned about it thank you Sachie. Great post again! I wish I had one here too ;)

jmuhj said...

Blissful! Such beautiful cats! I wish every land would stop prohibiting people from living with beloved cats.

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

YES!! Please open a cat cafe in the U.S.! We will be your first customers!!

I LOVE this idea!

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