Kuma Playing With Syd's Tail

SACHIE:Kuma don't bite too hard.
KUMA: I love this better than Goma brother's tail!!
GOMA: Good then play with Syd's tail then!
SYD: I don't want Kuma to play with my tail either!!
GOMA: This is what happens last time Kuma play with my tail!


jenpen said...

LOL Syd gets it when Goma is not around. Syd was thinking, "give me the sheets and put Kuma under" ;) Goma looked so much bigger than Kuma in that video, but Kuma doesn't care lol.
Have you ever tried a kids zhu zhu pet toy with the cats. My cats love them. Cheaper than a cat toy and saves tails lol & fights.

Angel, Kirby and Mac said...

Kuma, we think Goma was trying to get you to play with his tail. He kept waving it in your face!

Sparkle said...

Kuma, you are incorrigible! Which is a good trait in a kitty.

Sweet Purrfections said...

MOL! Kuma is one brave kitty.


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