Japanese Cat Lunch Box — Neko Bento

Oh boy, I love those Japanese Bento box(lunch box)!! Growing up in Japan, I ate Bento all the time because there are no cafeteria in school in Japan. My mom always made Bento box for us to take every day. No wonder people are getting so creative with Bento making! It is really exciting to open the Bento box because you never know what's in it! Imagine you open up a box and saw kitty laying on it!!


CarmenT said...

Squeeeee! Too cute. :-)

Anzu said...

I have never seen such an artistic obento called "chara-ben". (= ̄ω ̄=)ノ かわいすぎるなり~

Angel, Kirby and Mac said...

It would be hard to eat something that cute! How creative!

jenpen said...

Oh this is very cute. I love this so much. I want some haha. Even the cat face container is sweet. We need more of this here.

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