Guess What Is Goma's Favorite Collection

SACHIE: Goma! I knew you have shoe fetish but...not those stinky ones!!
GOMA: I found it!! It's mine!
SACHIE: Goma! we need to toss them out.
GOMA: Noz! stinkier the better I love them!!

What is your cat's favorite collection??


m.q said...

Goma, u dont wanna smell stink dont u???

jenpen said...

Goma why do you like that smell lol? Don't teach it to Kuma.
I had a cat Percy that use to do that too. I wonder why cats do that?

Angel, Kirby and Mac said...

Each to their own, GOma!

Sparkle said...

I HATE my human's stinky old shoes. Your human's feet must smell better than mine.

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

good question. Cody is a strange cat lol...with him it is all about FOOD

jmuhj said...

*So obvy proud of them!* ;)

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