3 Kawaii Japanese Cat Sweets For Humans

Japan is mecca of Kawaii (cute) things, but I am noticing some irresistible Kawaii sweets lately in Japan. You think what is better than cute+sweet things? Well, there are some kitty kawaii sweets that's even better!! Seriously, I can't think of anything more awesome... Today, I want to introduce my best three!

1. Nyalan Cat's Paw Bun— The texture of this bun is so similar to cat's paw...it is filled with sweet red-bean paste filling. This sweet first appeared as a marketing product for travel magazine Jalan. Their mascot/spokes person is a cat named Nyalan. He likes to travel and wears suitcases around his neck. He is quite popular in Japan now he has his own photo book and DVD. I think it is quite genius that Jalan decided to use cat to represents them...Japanese people love cats after all. Ahh I wanna eat this right now!

2. Cat's Tail Grilled Donuts From Yanaka No Shippoya— This sweets comes from a place where people call "Cat village" Kagurazaka, Tokyo. This tiny store offers donuts that resembles cat's tale! There are many variations such as Tiger, white, black, calico etc...each tail has an unique flavor too! I know which one I gonna get when I visit them, I will do more post about this so stay tuned!

3. Animal Macaron From Japan Royan Gastro Club— This animal Macaron is very popular in Japan, now you have to wait up to 3 months to even order... Macaron is a French pastry made from egg whites and almond powder, it is very light and melts in your mouth. It also comes in a little house you see in below...how cute is this?? I don't know if I will be able to eat this...it's just too Kawaii! My favorite is of course "kitty"!


jenpen said...

Oh these are so cute. But I'm so hungry now lol. They look very yummy. Thanks for sharing Sachie. I want to go rub my kitties paws now lol.

Teri and the cats of Curlz and Swirlz said...

OMC! These are sooo cute and sweet! I bought 3 Kawaii kitty 'food' rings on Etsy recently, and posted some pix on my blog, too. Fun!

Angel and Kirby said...

Sachie, thank you for this post. Those look yummy but way to cute to eat! It is interesting to learn more about other countries!

jmuhj said...

The cat marzipan remind me of Chinese rabbit bao, sweet buns with bean paste inside made at holidays. They are so CUTE! And even the western societies used to be more savvy featuring cats in advertising, because these people used to know that the cat is the most beautiful, elegant, stylish and attractive model there is! They need to rediscover this.

momsbusy said...

i love the sweet red beans! if i ever get to go back to japan i will have to get these!

i love the idea of cat tail donuts. i would have to try all of them.

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