A House Designed For Cats! Ultimate Cat House in Japan Part 4

It's been about a week since I came to Japan. I just can't help but notice cat products everywhere! Of course Japan is the birth place of Hello Kitty and there is no secret that Japanese people loves cats. First of all, I was greeted by 3 huge Manekineko figuring at Kansai airport called "Tai-chan" "Fuku-chan" and "Suzu-chan". They are about 5'8 and they are multilingual speak 7 languages... When I went to a book store, I was shocked to see the whole section of cat related books. What I find very interesting is that a lot of books are about famous Japanese cats. Such as Maru, very famous youtube cat who loves boxes.

I am so happy that Japanese culture embraces cats so much, they are truly a part of lifestyle of Japanese people. I have covered three times in the past about ultimate cat house in Japan, they are beautifully designed houses that caters to humans and cats. I am so fascinated by this cat houses so that I ordered a catalog from one of the best cat house builder in Japan, Dear One house from Sekisui House. Their house is full of great feature and designs that make you want one! Well I do! This is my dream house, I think Goma and Kuma will love it too. What about you and your cats?

Sharing a work space with your cat. Both of you can enjoy outside!
Utilizing a wall space to build a shelves and pikaboo holes for cats.
Fun way to arrange book shelves and storage for cats!
Ground to the ceiling! Durable built-in cat tree.
Cat-shaped door knob and storage space that incorporates litter box space.
Cat house can not be completed without a cat-walk!

*All photo rights belongs to Sekisui House.
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The Cat Guy said...

So awesome!! I wish there were more cat-related things here in the States, houses, books, etc. Any idea why the Japanese culture embraces cats more than the US culture?

I still can't figure out why most pet stores carry mostly dog stuff, bookstores carry way more dog books, with only a few cat books when there are more cats kept as pets than dogs.

Cat Wisdom 101 said...

We think it's purrfect! But happens when they wan to sell their house?

Angel and Kirby said...

That is wonderful. Yes, we want one!

Sparkle said...

That house is AWESOME! I wish my human would integrate some of these idea in our house - I especially like the cat walks and the wall spaces that make it impossible for my human to bother me when I want to be left alone.

Sweet Purrfections said...

I'm so jealous!


jenpen said...

LOL I just found Maru a little while ago, so cute to watch. Not as cute as Goma though ;)
My cats would love that house and so would I. It's so artistic you would love to show it off.
My sis is a fashion designer. I keep trying to get her to make cat clothes lol. Most dog clothes don't fit cats.
I watched a show on PBS hosted by Joanna Lumley called Cat Woman. She went to Japan to investigate about cats. Very interesting. I was reminded of it because of Hello Kitty lol.

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

I ADORE the bookshelves with the built-in cat tree.

We are having a small wall in our living room turned into bookshelves...wonder if that cat tree would be an option?

This is great!

jmuhj said...

Catguy, could be because Japanese culture respects and loves beauty, cleanliness, quietness and orderliness, all of which cats have so much of. The mainstream media in USA is very "spin" and does not reflect the truth about much of anything, actually, including the fact that there are millions more cats in homes in USA than dogs, and they are the nation's and the world's favorite companion. In most of the rest of the world, there's no contest -- cats are the absolute favorite.

pook555 said...

I love the cat house ideas (especially the built-in cat tree and the adorable cat door knob!!). So adorable and practical for the kitties!!

Steven Carlton said...

That house is absolutely incredible! I wish i can purchase those stuff too and redesign my living room like that. Didn't you know you can purchase fancy cat furniture sells some stuff like the one on the picture?

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