Catoon: Goma Gets A Job As Police Officer Part 2 By Sachie

Goma is very good at staring especially his pray and food. Look at this video how he wins staring contest with squirrels. No one can resist his eye power!!

Can't get enough of Goma comic? Read more at comic section!


Angel and Kirby said...

Poor Kuma! WE know you are still a kitten and Goma looks very official!

jmuhj said...

Love the comic. ;)
Love the video! SO FUNNY!!!
Hope u r hvg a gr8 time visiting back home & wl buy lots of gr8 treatz, toyz, & goodies 4 Goma-chan and Kuma-chan! (yes, & u, 2, Syd). ;)

Repositório said...

HAhahahaahahahh! I´m laughing!

jenpen said...

LOL!! Goma your too cute. Are all the toys yours too? You're like Piglet, I got him a t-shirt that says "It's all me, mine mine mine" lol. Now I will think of you when he wears it hehe.

Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

that video was the best ever!!

I loved the surprised look on Goma's face when the squirrel ran away lol.

So cute!

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