Sit Up Cats!! Kuma and Goma Can Has 6 Packs And More?

SACHIE: Kuma...you are so amazing!! You already have 6 packs!!
GOMA: Dat's fakez! he no has 6 packz!!
KUMA: Goma brother is jelous cuz I has 6 packz!!
GOMA: No at all! I has 10 packs!!
KUMA: Lier! I never see you do any sit ups!! All you do iz sleep!!
SACHIE: Ok ok kids, you guys do have a kitty packs and that's impressive.


Pattyskypants said...

What are kittypax???? xxoo Bhu

jmuhj said...

You can has sixpax, Kuma-chan! You are a studmuffin! It's true! ;)

Sparkle said...

You guys! Kitties don't need six packs - we are impressive without them!

Angel and Kirby said...

We likes your six packs, Kuma!

IndyRose said...

Sachie is so lucky like me to have so many mens around house. A man-bean, two man cats and even a man dog.

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