Catoon: Goma Gets A Job As Japanese Teacher Comic By Sachie

It looks like Goma has a long way to go... I love Goma's "I am annoyed" face...Ganbare Goma san!


jmuhj said...

Shikata ganai, Goma-chan. ;)

Angel and Kirby said...

We like the annoyed face too!

Noelle said...

Dear Mrs. Tani,

Hi! I'm not sure if you remember me but I commented a little while back.Since I'm too young to have a blog and I would like to show you my cat Wilson, may I please email you?Can somebody just tell me where your email is? I promise i won't send you any chains, or bad pictures.


P.S.Kuma,you needs to know its ohayo not ohio!

IPetguru said...

I love goma I found him on cats 101 I have a rabbit called flap Jack I an crazy about him I am going to japan next week to visit family!

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