Junie Update Is Finally Here!!

Junie update is finally here! Thank you guys for keeping Junie in prayers, she seems to be doing better! I think she put on few pounds and she looks even cuter and healthier! If you don't know Junie, she has rare condition that basically make her severely allergic to everything, Lee has rescued her and fighting to find a cure. Here is Lee's update:

Hi Everybody,

Wow, its been a long time coming for this email. To Sachie's credit, she has been after me for months to write all of you. Junie is doing well. We moved a month ago to a wonderful house only a few blocks away from our old stomping ground. Its bigger and far more windows, including a gorgeous  backyard.  My landlords have a cat -her name is lewis. I call her a punk! She rules the block but I love her to pieces- she is starting to let me pet her for longer and longer periods of time. Lewis is quite the talker. She doesn't seem to know that Junie is on the other side of the door that separates our two homes. But when Lewis sees Junie (who has gone outside once or twice), runs in the other direction! Junie hisses and gets sooo loud! she does not like other cats! In fact, she was not a fan of Kuma and Goma. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT???

Ive been traveling a lot again too. So, she has been home by herself for the most part. My landlords have been checking in on her. They are wonderful people and we are blessed to be sharing their home. There are windows everywhere and its very bright. Junie's been spending most of her time sitting in the chair in the kitchen that overlooks the garden. For the first month I could not get her to sleep anywhere else. Now she sometimes sleeps in my room. We have a bathtub now and she jumps in and ask for for the water to be turned on. I'm not sure what it is but she always burbs twice after she drinks from the tub. Sometimes she gets sick after drinking too much water - but she is not getting sick and going into shock like she did last year on a regular basis. She seems much better.  I just wish I could figure out how to get the swelling down between her hind legs -its really bad.
Recently I came back from a business trip to Montreal and brought back smoked tofu from my favorite vegan restaurant. Well, turns out Junie went nuts so I gave her a taste. She LOVED it! I gave her the tiniest of tiny amounts but she kept begging for more. She is soo funny. Any time I have any type of vegetable she goes nuts and wants it.  I rarely give her a nibble of anything beyond her special diet. But foods outside her recommended diet don't seem to affect her one way or another.

She is still licking her belly when she can -so she is red and raw. She's been wearing her little e-collar again but she has gotten better and better at taking it off. She is a very smart girl.  But she is still taking her medicine twice a day. It does not seem to be helping as much as I had hoped. We did try to up her medication but she got sick from it. So we went back to the dose she is on. she received a dose of flea medication before we moved in - as our previous home seemed to be infested - she never had any reaction to it. We had initially thought that she was allergic to Frontline -but she hasn't reacted to it.

We will keep posting when we can. Thank you for all your support and warm wishes. If it were not for all of you Junie would not be doing better today.

thank you,

Lee & Junie


Angel and Kirby said...

Thanks for the update on Junie! She is so sweet!

T said...

THANK YOU so very much for the update!!!!!! Has Lee tried putting JUNIE in some sort of tight fitting baby t-shirt? a long one so she doesn't lick her tummy so much???!!!!

IndyRose said...

What a sweet photo!

jmuhj said...

We LOVE Junie Kitten (Cat) ;) and if I might just offer these suggestions: NO outdoors. Keeps Junie safer and less likely to pick up fleas. And if you do use a topical on her, a lot of veterinarians and cat-lovers prefer Advantage. I do, too. I'm also wondering about natural remedy therapy for Junie -- ask at a good health food store that stocks them, which homeopathic/wholistic formulas (Bach's is one) they think might help Junie. These will not harm her if used correctly, and they may help if you can find the appropriate one(s) for her conditions of swelling and dermatitis of unknown origin. A wholistic veterinarian would be a good place to inquire about this. ;)

Sparkle said...

I'm glad that Junie is doing so well! Maybe one day, somebody will figure out how to get her all the way better!

CarmenT said...

It's so encouraging to hear Junie is doing better! She really lucked out to have you Lee. :-)

IndyRose said...

Seems overall Junie is SO much better. Some of the present licking might have a little bit of habit to it when she is stressed. Might just take some more time to clear it all up.

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