Goma Wants To Win $500 For His Favorite Animal Shelter! Would You Help?

Dogtime.com is hosting another year of a celebration recognizing excellence among animal-loving bloggers of all stripes. The best part? Winners are honored with a $500 donation to the shelter of my choice!   Goma has entered this contest last year, he made it to one of the four finalists, but he didn't win. The winner was fabulous cat blogger the designer, our friend Sparkle The designer cat!! Sparkle is an awesome blog, he gives great advice, super model and award winning author!! You should check him out! Anyway, Goma wants to try to be at least be finalist again this year...would you nominate Goma for the 2011 Petties Awards?

Entering is easy!

Go to: http://dogtime.com/petties

Under Nominee Info Please enter:

Name: Sachie Tani
Nominee URL: http://mycatgoma.com
Nominee E-mail: you can leave it blank or sachietani@gmail.com

Select BEST CAT BLOG under best in category.

And hit send!!

Thank you so much for your nomination!


Sparkle said...

Goma, I love your blog! I hope you are a finalist again this year!

jmuhj said...

You KNOW we voted for Goma-chan and the fam!
Hi, Sparkle! We love you, too! ;)

jingmei said...

I nominated this site for best overall pet, best cat, and best designed categories.
This is what I wrote in the nomination box on the site:
This blog should win because no other pet has the personality that Goma has. Also Sachie's design skills are superior to all other pet bloggers.

Angel Sweet Praline said...

Good luck Goma! You know how much Sweet Praline enjoyed your blog.

Just dropping by to say hello.

Mom Paula

FishHawk said...

"My Himalayan Cat Goma" has been included in this weeks A Sunday Drive. I hope this helps to attract even more new visitors here.


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