Goma Moves Out!? + Fun Fan Art!

SACHIE: Listen! That's our new sink in the kitchen!!
GOMA: Kuma dis is mai new 1bed room apartmentz!! You can't move in!!!
KUMA: No I wanna apartmentz too!!
GOMA: You is still baby you need to stay with your mom!! I is already passed teenages!! I is ready to move out!!
KUMA: But I no want love with my mom!!
SACHIE: Kuma! I heard that!

Kimberly posted these fantastic drawing of Goma as cell phone and cookie on Firends of Goma Facebook page I love it so much so I have to share with you! If you haven't joing Goma FB page please do! We have a fun things like this happening all the time!!


jmuhj said...

U can haz DUPLEX, Goma-chan and Kuma-chan -- but there is no big, huge apartment for Syd?
Those are great drawings. We know and love NYAN Cat -- now here is GYAN cat!

Catsparella said...

LOL! This made me laugh out loud, for real :)

Sparkle said...

Goma, you tell Sachie there is only one solution to this: she needs to get two more sinks - one for Kuma and one for the kitchen. And they cannot be as awesome as the one you already have.

T said...

This post made me LOL for real. I think that's a NYC 1 bedroom apartment. Looks about right!

You have such wonderful fans and talented!

Angel and Kirby said...

THank you for bringing a laugh to our Mom!

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IndyRose said...

Anything a human brings in the house is potentially good for kitties so they MUST check it out.

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