Giveaway! New 100% Grain-Free Cat Food From Wellness Natural Food

Is your cat bored with their cat food? Well why not try something new! Wellness Natural Food for Pets introduces twelve new varieties of flavorful canned cat food to help pet parents make each meal special. They are 100% grain-free and contain no added artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.From the proteins that help build muscles to the vitamins that support good health. Each recipe is a complete and balanced meal, perfect for daily feeding.

Check out all the flavors at Wellness Natural Food website!

Two lucky winner gets to try six cans of new Wellness cat food! Entering is Easy!

Post a comment with your name and e-mail, that is it! (Comment form is at the end of this post where it says XX Meows.)
  • Make sure to give us your e-mail address so we can notify you if you are winner.
  • Do not put post comment to the chat box on the left hand side page.
  • Anonymous entry will be ignored(We want to know your name!) 
  • So sorry to our international friends, this giveaway is only open to the US.
That's it!! The dead line for this giveaway is July 1st (Friday)! and will pick two winners randomly using random number picker.  Thanks and good luck!


Joan Juner said...

My Buddy is hooked on Fancy Feast, but always willing to try other brands
Joni Juner

Jackie Jones said...

My boys will eat anything. I hope I win!!!

Jackie Jones

IndyRose said...

Our foster kitten would love the new food! Rose Richardson dpvi6-new@yahoo.com

jmuhj said...

Feeding premium quality is an investment in your beloved cats' health. We love WELLNESS and it is worth it to know that they are getting the best quality for their health.

susanbellnc said...

My 4 inside kitties won't touch canned food, but the 5 outside kitties love the stuff, and are very picky. They only want the "good" stuff. This looks like pretty good stuff and I'm betting they would nom it to death. :)


Josie said...

I pretty much feed my girls exclusively wet food. Always looking for more options they are willing to eat.


Bethany said...

We love Wellness here!


CelestiHel said...

My cats Harold & Claude & Spiderman love wellness! Helen L celestihel@gmail.com

Susan said...

My kitties would love to nom on Wellness!
Susan Taccini

Anonymous said...


pook555 said...

My kitties would love to try this new food (and they definitely love Wellness too)!!


Rachel said...


verivegi said...

I already feed my doggies that brand - they love it!


Christy said...

My cat has tried Wellness but not the new flavors! She'd love it!!

christymarie118 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Ben said...

My cat loves Wellness! The new flavors sound tasty, nom nom...

bkeele (at) umail (dot) iu.edu

Kim said...

My cat Maxie loves wet cat food!

Kim and Maxie

Anonymous said...

These flavors sound yummy! I'm sure my cat would love all of them. Steven Melhorn sem@toast.net

kimana said...

Tiger and smokey would nom this within the day they get it and they love all natural foods and are going to be crazy if we win this

Kim Cummins

PS smokey only likes wet since her canine teeth were pulled cause of infection.....so she would adore this!!

Tiffany said...

Aloha from Hawaii! I'm gonna have my human sister check out the Wellness Natural Food website because if she can eat healthy, I can too! BTW, luv you Goma!

Luv, Charlie (I'm a female cat!)

Here is my human sister's name and email: Tiffany Hee, teefani@hawaii.rr.com

Donna Marshall said...

This food sounds really different! Maybe my furbabies would like it!

Donna Marshall

Terri Gordon said...

My little Lily is 8 months old and growing like a weed. I think this food would be great for her development as our vet says we can now wean her to "big girl" food. This would be perfect for her.
Terri Gordon

Laurie and The "Girls" said...

My "Girls" and I love Goma's blog!

Laurie and the "Girls", Tuxee, Baby, "Itty" Bits and Cheesecake


Lizz Dominguez said...

This is Wonderful...Im always on the search for a HIGH Quality Catfood that my Finicky beasts will actually EAT! =)~



Sara said...

This will be great for my girl and boy. :D

Sara Leonard

missmuffcake said...

Mar only eats wet food, I buy him the best but he is super picky!


Monika M. said...

While my cat is appauled by wet cat food, my mother's cat goes crazy for it! He would be estatic to try out some of this cat food. :3


Monika Markus

Sie said...

Hi, my sweet baby Oliver boy would love some! :) How purrlicious!

Doodle said...

Miss Kitty loves Goma!!! She would love to try some new canned food for supper!


Missy said...


Missy said...

Goma is so cute!

Myra Foster said...

P. Kiddy wouuld love to try the healthy varieties with gravy. Vet says his former favorites (which begin with FF) are not the best for his waistline.


Zeroichi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zeroichi said...

ooh! I wants! I have a tendency to puke up dry cat food so mommy switched me to wet cat food. which means that she has to take bag lunches to work now so that she can afford to feed me. If i win, she'll be able to eat yummy food too!


Lana G. said...

My fuzzies would LOVE to try this. We've been thinking about going grain-free lately, too!


Leecia Price said...

Would love to win kitty food!



The Working Home Keeper said...

Mary Ellen

Prince Brutus said...

Our V-E-T recently put Ailing brutus on a D-I-E-T!! The dreaded "D"! Her suggestion was to increase his canned food to 2 servings a day in place of dry, and We're looking for a nom-worthy choice - and this just may be it!

Rose and the Royals
emilyrose2005 (AT) optonline(dot) NET

Anonymous said...

April Harrell :)


MamaLion said...

My little Liono lives for Wellness! As a former garage kitteh, he can appreciate the finer things in life :)

csynefakis -at- yahoo -dot- com

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