We Are Doomed!! Halp!

GOMA: Human got hold of us!
KUMA: We are doomed!!!
GOMA: Dis is bad!
KUMA: Ya, dis is bad!!
SACHIE: Oh guys...your dad just showing you guys love don't worry!
GOMA: He gonna do kiss attack!!
KUMA: We are doomed!!!
SACHIE: Come on guys, you don't even know what is doomed means!!
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Sparkle said...

Yes, they certainly DO know what "doomed" means! Doomed = Kiss Attack!!!

Angel and Kirby said...

Oh, No, the dreaded kiss attach of doom!

jmuhj said...

That happens all the time around here, you guys. Submit. You'll enjoy it. And you can always act miffed afterwards. Humans love miffed. ;)

Roy said...

Is that why my clowder runs when I start picking them up and giving out the daily kisses and huggs?

Is it THAT bad?

Just wondering .....

IndyRose said...

Fluff and Toby: got it wrong guys, they are always nice to you before taking you to the VET.

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